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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by YodaVonBeck, Mar 24, 2018.

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  1. YodaVonBeck

    YodaVonBeck New Member

    I have a few games, where Shift, Ctrl or Alt are used for alternative function of keys.

    Is there a way to use this in Synapse, so if I hold Shift, an altetalte lighting is shown?
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  2. Hola!

    Moving this thread over to our new Support forum.

    What Razer keyboard are you using?
  3. YodaVonBeck

    YodaVonBeck New Member

    I am using the Black Widow Chroma V2 Yellow switch
  4. Thank you.

    Can you tell us more details about what lighting feature would you like to achieve? Like when pressing Ctrl+W, will the 2 keys change colors?
  5. YodaVonBeck

    YodaVonBeck New Member

    Some of the games I play use a great deal of keyboard keys, so the games a setup with "layers" of keys.
    So as an example there is an additional keyboard layout with mapping of keys if I press and hold Ctrl. So what I would like to be able to achieve is to have one set of lighting as default and a different one if I press and hold Ctrl.

    Would that be possible?
  6. As of now, it is not yet possible @YodaVonBeck. We consider this as a Feature Request though. You can submit a Feature Request through Synapse by clicking on your profile icon at the upper right-hand part of the app and select Feedback. This way, our developers would be able to track this feature. :)
  7. YodaVonBeck

    YodaVonBeck New Member

    There is something that does work, as I have a profile imported, which have the functionality that when a key is pressed some keys change color and flashes. Is this a possible solution and if so, how does it work? I am a little confused by how to use Synapse v2
  8. I've sent a message to you, @YodaVonBeck. Please check your Inbox.
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