Utility Backpack vs Tactical Bag vs Mercenary Backpack

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by w9jds, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. 210162038

    210162038 Member

    i'm going to buy therazer tactical backpack and the reason for that is that it has two compartments so that you can fit your laptop and other stuff in it.
  2. cRaZyaOdx

    cRaZyaOdx Member

    hmmm both bags to be is functional but.. the design and the prices are kinda turning me off..
  3. GoforGreg

    GoforGreg New Member

    I just bought the mercenary backpack for my 2015 blade. I only found 1 youtube video and it was poorly filmed. I hope to take some decent photos and add my thoughts onto this thread when I receive it. For me I chose this one because I didn't need something that I could store my whole life in like the tactical, just the bare essentials for a day at university and it was reasonably cheap.
  4. Abelthepirate

    Abelthepirate Member

    I have both the utility bag and the tactical bag both are great. The utility bags zipper area (around the zipper not the zipper itself) is slightly peeling off other than that it's been through hell and back with me for school and other shenanigans and it's still in pretty good shape.

    The tactical bag is a tank though! I'm not worried about that thing at all both are great! Very bulky though. I got it for $80 with the 50% sell they had I do think $160 is over priced but still worth it
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  5. cRaZyaOdx

    cRaZyaOdx Member

    I see both of you bring valid points . Guess I will wait till when there is discounts before getting either one of those.

    I'm a frequent flyer , so compartments wise , are very important to store my MacBook and iPad chargers and my portable charger for my iPhone.

    I also bring my Razer mouse and keyboard along those trips in case I wanna do gaming while overseas. Haha.
  6. Odesius

    Odesius Active Member

    Anyone know if the mercenary backpack will fit a 15.6inch laptop?
  7. GoforGreg

    GoforGreg New Member

    This guy manages to just fit a 17inch laptop in there.. So I should think a 15inch will be fine. Skip to 08:30. You don't really get to see much of the inside because of the lack of directed lighting into the bag itself.
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  8. Odesius

    Odesius Active Member

  9. GoforGreg

    GoforGreg New Member

    No worries mate! Happy to help
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I haven't used the utility or mercenary bags in person, but I do own the tactical and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has more to carry than a thin light laptop with a puny little charging cord/brick. I fit my (very large) MSI GT70 + cords, Razer Orochi, Razer Megasoma, Razer Hammerhead Pro, some LAN cabling, my 10" tablet+charger, my Samsung Galaxy+charger, my keys, wallet, hand lotion / lip gloss / other female sundries, prescription sunglasses+case, prescription glasses+case, a water bottle ... and I almost always find other stuff I want to bring along that varies depending on where I'm going. Everything fits, there's always extra space but it never feels bulky or big. The weight distribution is ideal, the shoulder straps are very comfortable. I just wouldn't be able to say enough to express how much I love mine. (well, except for that headphone case thing that it comes with - for me that thing is pretty useless)
  11. mdmf67

    mdmf67 New Member

    I just bought the Tactical! It will arrive shortly :D
  12. cRaZyaOdx

    cRaZyaOdx Member

    Great ! Do share your exprience with us! I'm tempted to get one but I just can't decide due to the high price point man..
  13. Nice unboxing video. Thanks.
  14. UHaooooo

    UHaooooo Member

    I'm now using the mercenary backpack. I have to say that it so quite small even if u use it as a school bags. I personally have many notes to print to school. The bag became very packed and impossible to fit in my laptop after put in all the notes.
    I wanted to buy the tactical bag but my mom says it's too expensive.
  15. Zielarz

    Zielarz Member

  16. sangayz

    sangayz Member

    I'd go with tactical ones though
  17. February_

    February_ Member

    Ive heard that the tactical bag is very popular, havent tried it myself tho.
  18. cRaZyaOdx

    cRaZyaOdx Member

    haha . my tactical or mercenary is on the way soon .. im still debating with myself and my bank balance ..
  19. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    My merc just arrived! Very happy, but a quick headsup to anyone planning to buy this. This bag is the perfect size for everyday use, but not so much if you're taking all your gear to your friends place. Holds a good amount of stuff, looks great and if you use your discounts on here, well worth the money!
  20. lisat

    lisat Member

    the tactical bag
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