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Vote for Synapse 3 for Mac!

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by ZFowlerEditor, Sep 1, 2020.


How many mac users do we have here?

  1. I may leave Razer if I can't get Synapse 3 for Mac

  2. I love Razer and it would be great to get Synapse 3 on Mac.

  1. ZFowlerEditor

    ZFowlerEditor New Member

    Hey Razer, I edit feature films 8 hours a day and game on the weekends with razer hardware. I do all this on a mac and would LOVE to recommend it to my colleagues in film, TV and the pro photo world. I got the Razer NAGA Trinity per Eddie Hamilton's recommendation (MI, X-Men, etc) and the hardware, imo, is the best out there. I was so convinced that I got the BlackWidow Keyboard as well.

    But we need synapse 3 for Mac! It would help me so much to have a hypershift key and it would allow me to start looking into upgrading to your newer tech if it was only supported on Mac. Please get this fixed so I can stop sending my fellow editors to Logitech! I'm increasingly tempted to switch myself but am still holding out hope that you will listen to your customer base. However, from our perspective, synapse 3 is never coming out of beta which is insanely frustrating to thousands of your paying customers (based on the number of mac threads in the forum).

    I'd like to reach out to my fellow mac users to see how many are in the same boat as I am. Please vote below and make some noise!
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  2. JR0nin

    JR0nin Well-Known Member

    I dont own a mac, but have used it on multiple occasions. If or when the synapse gets its Mac compatibility, it will be cool.
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  3. Gabuardi

    Gabuardi New Member

    I acquired a Razer mouse since is more comfortable than the classic magic mouse of Apple and I enjoy playing games in my MAC... but I have noticed that sometimes Synapse 2.0 doesn't work properly.
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  4. t_dawgg

    t_dawgg New Member

    Bravo Razer! You managed to make a mouse that is incompatible with MacOS. Pretty sure you actually have to try to do this in 2020. Now I have to return this mouse I got for my son's birthday and replace it with something that will absolutely not be a Razer.
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  5. Sturze

    Sturze New Member

    while having many Razer devices i was not really searching if there might be an issue before getting my Huntsman Elite, Kraken TE and Deathadder v2. After reading about Razer letting MacOS user in the rain with new hardware i was shocked. Info from support, telling me there might be Synapse3 in future is still not enough....
    PLEASE give MacOS Synapse3 more priority. For now, it looks like razer just dont cares!

    Dont let us down!
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  6. yehez

    yehez New Member

    I’ve been using Razer for more than 5 years. I planned to buy Mac soon for my daily use and the Razer Pro Type and Razer Pro Click really attract my attention. However, if there’s no further information about Synapse 3 release for Mac in the near future (at least few months after I bought Mac), I’ll just leave Razer for good..
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2020
  7. MikeStumbo

    MikeStumbo New Member

    In Reply to ZFowlerEditor,

    I swear it's as if your post and call for vote took the words right out of my mouth. I'm an Animator and with programs such as Maya, I desperately needed a mouse with as many keys as I could get for the hotkeys and so have been using Razer's Epic Naga Chroma, and am more then likely going to purchase the Naga Trinity Pro! Being an Animator I use MacOS, Windows 10 and Linux. If I had to pick an OS preference, I'd pick MacOS hands down. Mainly because of how closely it runs with Linux, being they're both Unix based systems versus the ms-dos system that is Windows. And now that Apple is getting away from Intel(IBM) processors in favor of their own in house made processors a lot of apps and drivers won't even work on their units, because their architecture is different. All this said, with Apple's upcoming new security measures in MacOS BigSur coming soon Razer will either have to update Synapse 2, or abandon Mac support all together. And with regards to them choosing to hopefully continue and support their Mac Community users Razer should just release Synapse 3 and I'd also love to see them support Linux one day! Come on Razer, don't hold out on your Mac minority community! We shouldn't be silenced and left hanging onto an outdated software with failing drivers you guys have appropriately labeled as, "Legacy"!


    Mike Stumbo
  8. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Not a Mac user, but I'd like to see, that Razer will be really for ALL gamers, not SOME gamers :)
  9. MikeStumbo

    MikeStumbo New Member

    I’d like to see, that Razer will be for ALL users, not just GAMERS :cool_:
  10. Aaronius306

    Aaronius306 New Member

    So Razer is only for SOME gamers...(all mobile devices) and NONE on Mac...Yeah..really makes total fkn sense right now....
  11. possu911

    possu911 New Member

    Hi all,
    As many, I've used Razer products for years with my PC's. I have two sets at home.
    For work, I just bought Pro keyboard and mouse - sucks not to have Mac support for such great products.
    Everyone at the office asks about these, its sad to say that Mac support isnt there.

    Come on guys are Razer!
  12. toledodan

    toledodan New Member

    Hi Razer - I've been using the Razer Naga for the past 6 years in an office setting in data entry and programming. The 12-button configuration has immensely improved my throughput with the capability to build macros for commonly used functions (cut, copy, paste, find on page, toggle left/right in browser tab, resize window and much more. Then I discovered the ability to set up and toggle between profiles without having to click into the synapse application (MIND BLOWN)! I had to get one for my house as well.

    I loved the product so much that I recently purchased a Black Widow Elite keyboard to start getting additional macro functionality out of my F-key buttons, only to find out it wasn't supported on Synapse 2.0 (DEVASTATION - and a waste of money). Now I'm finding out that Synapse 2.0 is deprecated with MacOS Catalina and beyond, I'm getting daily notifications that Razer Synapse will become incompatible with a future update of MacOS and it feels like my world is crumbling!

    I'm actually having to stop recommending Razer mice to all of my co-workers (we're a Mac-only outfit) because of the loss of support and functionality. Please consider keeping us productive at work, at home, and everywhere in between with support for future versions of MacOS!
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