Watch Dogs 2 and Ubisoft Forward

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Suecore, Jul 7, 2020.

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  1. Suecore

    Suecore Active Member


    For those of you who don't have Watch Dogs 2, during Ubisoft conference on 12 July 2020 , you can get it for free!

    It is said that you gotta be logged in your Ubisoft account and then start watching the stream around 10:30 AM PDT/7:30 PM CEST.
    Some teasers say 11:00 AM PDT, others say 10:30 PDT , but better safe than sorry.

    There is more info here. So keep an eye out and enjoy. ^^
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  2. greglugar

    greglugar New Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I was still able to get a copy just had to register before July 15th 23H59 PDT. Thanks again.
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  3. VengayamGaming

    VengayamGaming New Member

    @greglugar @Suecore This event was great for Ubisoft and gaming fans while it pissed off those who were there for the giveaways.

    The criteria to be met for the giveaways was to watch the event live for certain minutes. However, they would track the watch minutes of a viewer only if the viewer logged in to their Ubisoft account. But during the event, as far as I know, no one was able to login to their Ubisoft account; even my uPlay client logged out XD

    Later, Ubi has declared that the loot will be available for all Users if they logged in before 15th July, 2020. So now, all of us, those who were there to see new game launches and gameplays, those who were there for giveaway, those who were also not there at the #UbisoftForward event are entitled to the free giveaways. (The major attraction was Watch Dogs 2 and others were items in different games - total of 4 free items)

    Also the live stream on Youtube gathered competitive dislikes due to this.

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  4. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    im so hyped about watchdogs legion. hope it doesnt flop like their other titles
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  5. I got my copy. I'm always on the look out for free games.
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  6. Suecore

    Suecore Active Member

    Yeah, a lot of ppl got pissed off that it wasn't right away. But at the end everyone got there copy, even the ones that weren't able to watch the stream. So overall, everybody's happy :D
  7. I was one that missed the stream by a day and still got it. Craxy bu Happy!
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  8. VengayamGaming

    VengayamGaming New Member

    Me too.. ALWAYS XD
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  9. G_Leland

    G_Leland Member

    Bought that game in steam((
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