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Am I right?! Are we making a storm on the internet ?!

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  1. OverGamerPL

    OverGamerPL Member

    let them stop releasing new products, let them take care of the old and the ones that have just been released. Razer Synapse is the CORE element of how comfortable the use of devices is, how efficiently and reliably they work. Other companies do not have such problems. With Razer, we pay extra money for "Quality" and we don't get it!!
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  2. Wolfgang12345

    Wolfgang12345 New Member

    They won't fix anything as long as they aren't losing profit. It's unfortunate but not much we can do.

    Also, we don't pay extra for "quality". The quality of Razer products is notably worse than higher end products.

    Here's a secret: Companies often add the word "gaming" to their products to fool naïve/uninformed users into paying more. What would you rather buy? El Cheapo USB Keyboard, or the HexStrike 120 Button Gaming Keyboard? (Hint: Both are exactly the same keyboard)
  3. MechaMicro007

    MechaMicro007 New Member

    Razer synapse does some weird thing to the sleep mode in the optimus mode now. I cannot going crazy after getting short intermittent screen blackout
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