Weird popping sounds whenever I move through menu on PS4 (RAZER RAIJU)

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by Benjok, Dec 24, 2016.

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  1. Benjok

    Benjok New Member

    So does anyone else have this ? It's a bit quiet but you can hear the popping noise whenever you're moving through the menu on PS4 what should I do ? I'm using the Razer kraken headphones. I also sometimes have popping sounds in game.. And my friend hears himself when we are in the party that's a problem too..
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  2. gunjyguy

    gunjyguy New Member

    are you running your audio through the Raiju? I have astro A50's and another guy that has them has lots of audio issues so maybe send them away for warranty if its the head set.
  3. Benjok

    Benjok New Member

    I don't know man I've tried this headset on a normal PS4 controller and it's fine... What do you mean running audio through raiju ? I have the full audio on headset none on the tv,
  4. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    Do you perhaps have your Razer Kraken plugged in through Razer Raiju?
  5. Benjok

    Benjok New Member

    Yes I do razer kraken headphones are not wireless.
  6. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    We can try to determine whether the problem you are having is the Razer Raiju or the Razer Kraken. Do you think you can try plugging your Razer Kraken onto a different device and see if the popping noise still happens?
  7. Deathadder00

    Deathadder00 New Member

  8. Unfortunately, they addressed the white noise... went through 2 Raiju's and they both had the same issue. Post update no white noise, but there is a pop every 10-15 seconds in the right earcup. Asked Razer Support, they directed me to the Europe tech support, 3 days later... No answer. I returned them. Pretty bummed out. Liked the controller but since I use the audio port on the controller for audio it drove me nuts.
  9. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    Yeah I get it on my controller too on both PS4 and PC. It's not my headphones either, my headphones(Sennheiser Momentum Over-ear's) have been used with a variety of different devices with no issues of popping in the right cup.

    That all said, I very rarely use the controller port for audio so it's not a massive deal breaker for me. I have a Astro mixamp which I have hooked up to my normal headphones generally.
  10. Wow. Thanks for the tip with the firmware. When i was connected my headset through the raiju, i heard a very loud an uncomfortable noise in the background continuosly. after the firmware update it disappeard.Made my day!!
  11. Hi Jumper,

    i got my Raiju today and have got the EXACT same problem than you. Every 20 seconds i get a pop sound on the right ear.

    Did you get it fixed?

    mir gut
  12. It would be best to contact our Support team at and let us assist you with this.
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