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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Sado3killer

    Sado3killer New Member

    SOOOO I wanted to be a razer streamer cause first i like there products second i needed a creat sponor to my chanell..kind of!!

    Im from greece and i like that razer trusted me and put me at this programe and i will thank them for my life cause i dont think i will leave.....soo again thanks RΛΖΞR for giving me the chances and thanks that they trust me......if you want go sub: TobyNation to support me!!!!
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  2. Ubi_MMC

    Ubi_MMC New Member

    Wow ,i'm waiting to the approvation of my submission
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  3. iibeezy

    iibeezy New Member

    I am a streamer, mainly a FPS competitive streamer, so I do like this initiative. To hopefully be able to reach out to more people :)
  4. mamadelo

    mamadelo New Member

    Hey y’all! How’s it going?
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  5. TeckJunky

    TeckJunky New Member

    This is awesome I'm happy to be part of this. Hey everyone
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  6. kraydpeace03

    kraydpeace03 New Member

    Hi Guys, im from Manila, Philippines. New streamer i play Valorant and other games. #RAZERSTREAMER. Always keepsafe guys.
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  7. upBallBluehead304

    upBallBluehead304 New Member

    hi my name is Giorgikas and I play fortnite
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  8. MavzCasualGamer

    MavzCasualGamer New Member

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  9. Dabrumpydump

    Dabrumpydump New Member

    Great to be here! Currently trying to get my stream to take off - Just starting out and hoping to get my followers up and create a channel that is an enjoyable place for people to hang out and chat or just watch gameplay! I appreciate receiving tips and feedback in hopes of building a community of like-minded gamers/streamers, and I am very happy about #RazerStreamer and look forward to seeing how it evolves and the people it helps me connect with!
    Catch me on twitch @ Dabrumpydump!
    (No current schedule, but I am online often with a consistent schedule in the works!)

    Hope to talk with you soon!
  10. No puedo pagar
  11. twitch-xender1313

    twitch-xender1313 New Member

    nice i'm streamer goood
  12. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Hey everyone common problems I'm seeing as to why people aren't getting in are:
    • Misspelling email addresses
    • Not having an Insider ID
    • Using the wrong email address. The email address you used to sign up for the #RazerStreamer program MUST match the email you used for your Razer ID.
    If a few weeks have passed and you still haven't gotten in, please message me. Thank you.
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  13. Sageroadgeo239

    Sageroadgeo239 New Member

    Hello guys im JamesFps a pinoy streamer,nice to meet you
  14. xatajam823

    xatajam823 New Member

    Am actually giving this a try...
  15. SirFlynn1

    SirFlynn1 New Member

    Got my application in, super excited to be part of the program!
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  16. DieJagdente

    DieJagdente New Member

    Woohoo! Looking forward
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  17. TVD_Hybrid

    TVD_Hybrid New Member

    Hello everyone, good day
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  18. emmanuelace

    emmanuelace Member

    such a nice program for streamers!
  19. AndreiSY

    AndreiSY New Member

    Very nice!
  20. River_ssz

    River_ssz Active Member

    This is something I’ll be doing once I finish my fully razer setup. Just need the pc, mousepad, and headset.
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