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  1. Hey Insiders,

    Welcome to The Linux Corner dedicated to providing fans with the latest news and discussions about open-source compatibility on Razer systems.


    While Windows is the typical go-to OS, Razer Insiders have also shared their passion for Linux and running it on they Razer's systems.

    As Razer Insider is always adapting and evolving based on what our community is looking for, we decided to lead a new forum section that is dedicated to Linux’s applications for gamers or other creators alike. The Linux Corner is a result of this where fans can now discuss their experience, provide feedback, and talk about everything related to Tux's OS running on the Razer Blade.

    We’ll join in the conversations to collect feedback on how we can better integrate Linux on Razer systems. We'll also monitor as gatekeepers to keep the section cordial at all times.

    Whether you’re a Linux expert or a neophyte, all Razer fans are welcome!
  2. krimtsev

    krimtsev New Member

    Hi, good news!

    Please, release Razer Synapce for Linux
  3. Gr8orangeone

    Gr8orangeone Active Member

    this is very cool to see! it would be interesting to see a dual booting blade with steam os or something on it.
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  4. Fallowpulsetalk112

    Fallowpulsetalk112 New Member

    I've very happy to see this corner being opened up. There is a lot of awesome 3rd party support by great developers that could use some official hardware support.
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  5. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Whooooo Linux! Please also add support for all hardware & software on Linux!
  6. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Wow! Does it mean, that Synapse software for Linux is right behind the corner? :)
  7. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    This is excellent news!!!
    Been using arch linux on a razer blade pro 2013 all these years. It runs faster than windows, without any issues, and I play many Steam games without problems. Lately I started using Unreal Engine 4 on Linux for game development, and guess what, it runs perfect.

    Lets try to keep this section interesting with tutorials and troubleshooting guides for the new ones.
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  8. mdaly001

    mdaly001 Active Member

    yaaaassss!!! best news ever. Please release official support. This would make my commitment to Razer soo much more solid.
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  9. Kavster

    Kavster Member

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  10. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Now that you guys are officially supporting Linux, both with systems and software, maybe you could add better macOS support, since macOS is based off of Linux, let us not forget. And please make drivers that would work for both so that when I finally get the Blade of my dreams and Hackintosh it, drivers will be easy!

    Edit: Now that Apple has made Swift open-source, they could code for one and everything would work for both macOS and Linux.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2017
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  11. Im planning to buy a Razor blade pro to use both for playing CS:GO and mostly other new releases and also conduct my research on deep learning. I think It would be a good choice since there would be support for linux in the coming days !
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  12. Jevnaker

    Jevnaker New Member

    not linux related but would love to see windows 7 on the blades.
  13. nbtenney

    nbtenney New Member

    I've been eyeballing one of these for a while, and I would love an AMD GPU option as I very much enjoy the benefits of the open source drivers on the platform. A polaris- (or vega-) based option would be a most excellent choice. Just as an aside, a QHD display in the 14 inch would also be a great option between 1080p and 4K.
  14. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    The only problem of QHD is that it does not scale perfectly with 1080p. I am very happy that now the blade will go UHD
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  15. I know some don't mind dealing with switchable graphics, but I hate it. I just bought a laptop and was looking at a Blade. Problem is I can't set the Blade to just use the dGPU via the bios, at least according to internet searches. If you added that switch to the BIOS I would be all in.

    Backlight keyboard support would be nice too but not a deal breaker like the switchable graphics for me.
  16. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    I think it is possible in Linux, and the keyboard backlight control worked out of the box for me, having a blade pro 2013.
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  17. You think what is possible? Turning off the switchable graphics? I know Nvidia has made some strides in better control of that in their Linux driver but I don't believe it is even close to working well or smoothly. I've had such a bad experience with Optimus that I basically write off any laptop that has it unless I can switch to the dGPU only via BIOS.

    Good to know about the backlight. I only brought that up because, in my experience, vendors without Linux support don't allow their backlight keyboard to function properly. Only instance that is different is if it is hardware control, but that doesn't seem to happen very often. Or someone had hacked together a driver to make it work.
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  18. Hi, wow. This is relieving and fantastic news. So I think some traditional proprietary applications remain far superior. However, Linux will eventually win in every application category and as well as a complete system around the kernel. The masses will begin to understand why durability is the most important computing characteristic.

    Open-source software is undoubtably a social movement. The best developers will hit a critical turning point where they contribute to Linux not out of some ulterior motive, but moreso because they have a civic duty to produce software as a public utility. The world will literally depend on it. Fear not, Linux adoption may appear slow today, but our Linux future is very bright.
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  19. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    MFW hearing this news:


  20. Wayner_no_id

    Wayner_no_id New Member

    Great news! As a Linux developer I would love to see a 13 to 13.5 inch 3:2 screen. This is a perfect screen ratio for software development. This would make a Razer laptop a day 1 purchase!
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