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Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Deleted member 368765, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. sarmadka_no_id

    sarmadka_no_id New Member

    This is great news. Yes, please provide an option to pre-install with Linux. Selecting from few popular distros would be great if possible, or at least selecting from the different flavours of Ubuntu.
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  2. focusGrapehead408

    focusGrapehead408 New Member

    This is fantastic news; always great to hear that somebody other than Dell is interested in this space.

    What would be ideal, in my mind, would be a direct competitor / improvement on the XPS 13 Developer Edition: a hi-res, 3:2 display, with high quality keyboard and trackpad, fast storage, lacking a built-in dGPU, but with first-party external GPU support. Even better would be a minimal-bezel display in the 15-16" range, with overall device thickness comparable to a late-2010 MBP 17": don't scrimp on battery life in pursuit of thinness, and don't forget to include a full-size 9.5mm by 2.5" secondary HDD bay, in addition to M.2 NVMe storage.

    Oh, and if this thing doesn't have a proper ethernet port and at least three USB-3.0 Type A ports, no deal. A magnetic power connector reminiscent of a certain, abandoned but not forgotten Apple feature, would be very nice as well.
  3. you dont really have to even support it, just take tiny steps to make sure you dont block it. when picking components, take a quick look to see if they have a driver in kernel. offer laptops for sale with 2 os options, windows 10 or no os. your still only support windows 10, but your not making your linux users needlessly pay for windows. try to see if your boards can support coreboot. for your peripherals for eg, dont port synapse, simple make the api's/access available to the community so they can build their own synapse.

    there are many simple, free or very cheap little things you can do that make your laptop very attractive to all the people looking for a premium linux laptop. especially with the way apple is fucking things up. all those unix devs are looking for a new home.
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  4. Deock

    Deock New Member

    I have a crazy idea/dream about razer and linux, and this is only my humble opinion, i dont wanna to offend or hurt to nobody.

    #Razer you could be create a distribution of linux, you can use the base of other linux distribution (and you dont worry about all themes like security, kernel, etc) and only you can focus for any specific intention, and this is the complement for the campaign Work Hard, Play Hard !!! maybe give us the option for all costumers when buy the Blades, choose the OS Windows or RazCen (for the combination of Razer and Centos ), or both if is the Razer Blade Pro. I would like see the boot loader system with the logo Razcen and Windowns. And i will say OMG this is READY for Work and Play very hard.

    And this is my crazy think/dream. What do you think @Min-Liang Tan @Razer|Gwynbleidd ?



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  5. PERIDOTLiverbest310

    PERIDOTLiverbest310 New Member

    Please release Razer Synapse on linux !
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  6. Official Linux support for the Razor Blade notebooks would be awesome since they sure are tempting.

    Also, I bought a Razer Orochi a week ago after I read it works flawlessly on Linux and it does! Bluetooth 4 mode and wired. I'm really happy with it!

    P.S. I don't care about changing the LED color and prefer not having to install a specific software for such.
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  7. mko8932

    mko8932 New Member

    Maybe you guys can put some pressure on nvidia to bring their proprietary gpu drivers to an acceptable level!

    glad to see the Blade is getting proper support.
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  8. UnDeZaD

    UnDeZaD New Member

    This is AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you are doing this! For the longest time, I have been planning to do dual-boot of a Debian distribution on a Blade. I'm glad this is happening before I actually purchased the Blade and tried it. I will be following this development closely :)

    -EDIT- Debian and Windows 10 XD sorry.
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  9. Demonrik

    Demonrik Active Member

    AWESOME news!

    Already running fedora 24 on my 2016 Blade (the 980 one) and it's been great
    Would love to see
    - Synapse availability to control the Chroma keyboard
    - Webcam drivers that work
    - something is up with the SKL microcode and the system blows through the battery in <4hrs but is good on windows for >5!
    - Any decent coding machine will be from time to time connected to external monitors/network and often through a displaylink adaptor. There are issues with this on linux and while this isn't Razers problem to solve, it would help if somebody like Razer could work with displaylink to improve the overall experience.
    - there is something up with USB3 and the Razer on linux.. Can't pinpoint it, but an external USB audio adaptor is unusable. But on windows it's perfect.
  10. Might sound ambitious but I'll say it anyway:

    - Customize Gnome to look like a Linux Razer Distro
    - Add official support to hardware
    - Open source it!

    If open-sourcing drivers aren't viable options
    Razer should just create an Official Razer-Linux Distro
    pre-installed with drivers, auto-updates etc and
    maybe just go crazy and fully bring gaming to linux.

    Open-sourcing the project should make it easy for
    Razer, I will definitely get one to contribute to the

    Now picture your Blade running RazerOS, that
    chroma wallpaper, Synapse Panel built-in..
    Holy shit, now Razer is going to kick apple's ass
  11. wartex8_no_id

    wartex8_no_id New Member

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  12. Actually, OSX is not based on Linux, it is based on BSD, FreeBSD I believe. Though, BSD are close relatives to linux. BSD "evolved" from Unix based systems. Where as Linux was a from scratch remake (as BSD/unix was not "free" at the time). While a lot of code is shared now, as both are "free" now, there is still a pretty big divergence. Not as big as with Win's NT kernel, but still. And OSX takes it a step further.

    That aside, hell yes. I hope Razer gets good support here. I have stayed away from Razer as I have heard it was pretty bad with linux support. I have been eyeing Razer's mechanical keyboards for a long time.
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  13. voiceSkyBluebiz719

    voiceSkyBluebiz719 New Member

    So, is there a list of laptops or configurations that fully support say Ubuntu 16.04? Is this coming in the future? I'm glade they are finally supporting linux.
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  14. jbimmer

    jbimmer New Member

    Synapse for Linux would be awesome
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  15. ranxerox

    ranxerox New Member

    Totally agree! Not being in the way it's a simple but great step towards helping Linux to run smoothly on Razer. I'm seriously considering a Blade Stealth as my next machine.
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  16. easyZaffreJASPER567

    easyZaffreJASPER567 New Member

    This would be amazing. I was considering switching away from the blade stealth due to wireless card driver problems on Linux but this would definitely cement my support.
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  17. grandmastermoth

    grandmastermoth New Member

    I'm developer and long time Linux user working in the interactive graphics space, I often need to travel to setup installations. I'm looking at the Razer Blade Stealth right now as a possible new laptop. However I think I would only really purchase one if the Razer Core worked fully ootb as this would give me the kind of power I need when travelling. That would make it very appealing to me.
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  18. Some thoughts:
    - Release synapse for Linux. Or, change Synapse so it doesn't phone home to Razer anymore. There was a person developing FOSS Synapse support, but stopped all development after Razer made Synapse phone home as a sort of boycott more or less. Right now I pass my Razer Blackwidow off to a Windows VM to set patterns. Yes, it's just as horrifying as it sounds to do given the effort versus reward.

    - Keep providing a legacy mode option in BIOS and avoid temptation to use particularly nasty locked down UEFI "solutions"

    - Even if you don't offer Linux as a pre-installed option, offer a laptop without the Microsoft tax even if that means no technical support for it beyond hardware issues.

    - Even if you don't offer no-OS as an option, it should be easy to verify the hardware friendliness of a laptop and give it a "Linux ready" sticker/badge if all the hardware inside has known working Linux drivers. Given that Ultrabooks are almost entirely Intel these days, that's pretty easy for that market segment, since Intel works *hard* on providing *good* Linux drivers that are available before the hardware is.

    - Work with hardware vendors and the community to make sure things like thunderbolt GPU switching works, even if it isn't the most sexy/seamless transition.
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  19. outtokill7

    outtokill7 New Member

    1. Pressure on Nvidia for better drivers would be a start
    2. Synapse software on Linux
    3. Swap the Killer network cards for Intel ones - or at least give the option for Intel
    4. Allow us to buy the laptop without Windows
    5. Do hardware testing on the major distros. So Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian, Arch, Open Suse, etc. Not everyone runs straight Ubuntu or Fedora systems.
    If Razer can boast Linux support, I think it will gain a part of the market. A niche one, but a dedicated one. Please don't half-ass is, all or nothing. A bit more work on your side can be huge for customers.

    I'll be honest, I don't own a single Razer product. I simply don't have the money to drop on a $2700 laptop. That said, if I were to go out and buy one, it would probably be a Razer Blade 14 even without official Linux support. The addition of Linux support would make that a very very easy no-brainer for me.
  20. aphamx

    aphamx New Member

    That would never happen. They would get sued to oblivion if they advertised support for MacOS. And no, MacOS is not based off Linux. Linux is based on Unix which Mac OSx is based on too. They're not compatible code wise.
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