What am I to do with this Razer Silver?

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by MasterofBalance, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. MasterofBalance

    MasterofBalance Active Member

    I have over 50k Razer Silver, but nothing to spend it on.

    I got a new headset recently, so don't need that. I could get a new mic for my stream, but I don't feel I need that either cause the headset has one. I could get a keyboard which would help when I create a real-deal streaming set up, but that's a ways away and the Silver will expire this year (that's ridiculous that it expires btw).

    So I ask you dear Razer community: What should I spend my Silver on?
  2. piamelie

    piamelie Member

    My 30k is jealous of you ;) But I can't answer that for you! Personally, I would go for the mic. Headset microphones are less than ideal for streaming, and those Razer Seirens sure are beautiful. For 10k more, you can afford the Cynosa (I've heard some bad things about it, but I can't vouch of course) or RGB swag like the extended mouse pad or wireless charger. I'm personally saving for the Extended RGB Goliathus. Of course, it's up to you! You can never have enough Razer. Good luck!
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  3. MasterofBalance

    MasterofBalance Active Member

    I do appreciate your reply, though I'm not sure it helped my quandary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

    At this point, I think my best bet is to get the keyboard (after looking up some reviews) and maybe using the extraneous silver I acquire to do giveaways on my stream?
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  4. ThreaT209

    ThreaT209 New Member

    The only part about the expiration that bothers me is the offerwall silver. I am assuming there is a monetary aspect to that part of the mobile cortex app and it seems strange that the silver you garner can just expire. For streaming, the headset mic is pretty bad, and if you can't save up enough silver, the seiren minis are still decent mics. I hope people don't think I am complaining about a good thing, but plenty of websites pay you to do these offerwalls and to think that the money you receive can somehow expire simply because it is silver instead of cash seems a bit odd to me. You already have enough to pick up a mini now if you were desperate to spend it.
  5. ThreaT209

    ThreaT209 New Member

    oh nah don't do that, for one the return isn't worth what the product is worth, and for two, there are a ton of products you could not only get use out of, but would benefit from and enjoy, especially if you game or stream. I highly, highly recommend a mic if you stream and if you are in a position where you need to spend the silver before it expires. You really need a quality mic to stream, and you truly don't know what you are missing until you see it for yourself.
  6. ThreaT209

    ThreaT209 New Member

    you can always spend the silver to get razer gold and then use it to subscribe to the streamers you support on twitch as well, if you don't have a use for the hardware.
  7. Iman.Nia

    Iman.Nia New Member

    no idea why he has 50k Razer Silver! I spend in 3 years more then 20k in razer stuff and have 700 Silver coins. :mad_:
  8. MasterofBalance

    MasterofBalance Active Member

    I understand your concern, but in my experience, you don't have to pay money to complete offerwall tasks. Obviously splashing a little cash would help things along, but it's not usually necessary if you stay on top of it.

    To your point about a standalone mic versus a headset mic, are they really so different? I'm not convinced at this time that the kind you place on your desktop or use a stand for are so superior that I simply must have one instead of a headset. I mean, if a headset mic is good enough for competitive gaming, it ought to be good enough for streaming to imo.

    Oh? I didn't know you could purchase Razer gold with silver. What's the exchange rate?

    Also to @Iman.Nia: You can gather quite a bit if you work on it. Offerwall offers, using Gamma, participating in squads, all of this can get you a lot of silver in a relatively short period of time. Granted I've been rather fortunate with squads and done well enough to afford some nice stuff, it can still happen for anyone.
  9. ThreaT209

    ThreaT209 New Member

    The exchange rate isn't the greatest and I you are limited to like a certain amount every 7 days, but if it is just a little bit of silver like what you have, it can subsidize small things if you pay in razer gold after using silver to get the gold. it is a voucher in the silver catalogue so I hesitate to call it an 'exchange rate' lol. At best 12,500 silver gets you $5 in gold, for example.
  10. Iman.Nia

    Iman.Nia New Member

    Maybe, but question is when i work how much can i get in cash instead of advertising for Razer? Another question is do i recommend Razer products?

    Answer is simple: NOOOOO

    Expensive and mostly locked. like apple shit. i cant even change anything in BIOS. Keyboards are expesnive and not at the same level like Cherry is!
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