What annoys you the most while gaming / using your PC?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Obsidian, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    i really hate the heat during summer times, especially when it's 30° out there, I can't open any windows because of insects and my pc is additinally blowing out hot air
  2. mnrtjedennis

    mnrtjedennis Active Member

    small breadcrumbs or something like that, I sometimes work and eat at the same time
  3. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    I hate when I die :)

    It's even worst when you realise it was a kid and he's talking trash to you
  4. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Damn, looks like you need to recalibrate it. If issue still persists, looks like you need to contact Razer support.

    I think you can get extension cables with male/female ports without having to buy from Razer though. They're pretty cheap too.

    I'm currently wearing Tag Heuer glasses and my lenses are Crizal anti blue light + UV sensitive transition lenses. They were clearer than other lenses but smudges were easily seen since I have a long fringe. :slightly_sad:

    I have to wipe them a lot.

    In my place, its always 35. I never open the freaking window. I feel like its a giant hairdryer with the heater on full blast. Mosquitoes are everywhere! Some of them even got sucked into my 120mm 2000rpm fans and died in my computer lmao.

    Remember his name, improve, get more practice, then OWN THAT LITTLE SON OF A BITCH.

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  5. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    Good to know about the cable, but the default ones work for now.

    I also have Crizal anti blue light + UV sensitive transition lenses in my Gucci frames. I have to wash them with palmolive two to three times a day for smudges. :unamused:
  6. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Recently I have scratches on my glasses due to some dirt getting stuck on my microfiber cloth. No idea how to remove them now, its driving me nuts ;(
  7. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    Good thing you wont be coming to my room or house, they are naturally messy like the amazon forest, where you cant find anything
  8. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    I hat getting wrapped up in the cables all over my desk and the fact that I noticed I don't have a designated GPU
  9. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    I'll probably have a heartattack #OCD
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I hate getting cold fingers whle typing/playing. I also really dislike when I want to get deeply involved with a story while gaming and my family insists on trying to talk to me during the cut-scenes. lol
  11. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    what i hate the most is the lag, also being interrupted by family while playing.
  12. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    If you scratched the A/R coating, there's probably not much you can do. Perhaps, contact the optician you purchased the lenses from or essilor directly.

    I was told to ONLY use a microfiber cloth on the lenses. NEVER wipe your lenses when dry (even when the cloth is clean). Launder your microfiber cloth separately; do not use bleach or fabric softener. The only thing that should come into contact with the lenses is glasses cleanser or basic dish detergent (Palmolive) and water. Do not use hand soaps or anything that has oils, lotions, or creates a film. If the lenses touch your face and are frequently oily, the coating with apt in that area (may take 2-5 years, but still...)

    Try wetting the lenses, using dish soap, and drying it with the microfiber cloth. Let me know if the scratches remain.
  13. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Its still remains. I tried using toothpaste and whatever online guides ask me to do. Most likely I've scratched the coating. :slightly_sad:

    Yeah, they can't take a hint can't they? Especially when I've been so busy these days, my mom just can't stop pestering me about running errands for her. And once I'm done using up 3/4 of my day running errands for her, she sees me gaming she goes "AIYO, EVERY DAY PLAY GAME AH?!" with a strong South East Asian accent.
  14. KarmicSandwich

    KarmicSandwich Active Member

    I can't concentrate on my pc if there is other stuff on my table so I play in the dark, so when someone comes in and turns the light on then leaves I'm just like "curse you you witch"
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  15. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    hahahahaha the same here :big_grin_::big_grin_:

    well i guess it's time to get new glasses then, mine are also full of tiny scratches but they are so tiny i can't see them while wearing them so they don't bother me.

    also don't know if this happens to any of you but my left eye is my dominant eye and because of that I'm wearing it off a lot(i mean using it way to much) to the point that every 3-5 month the values of my glasses are going up a little bit while my right eye's haven't changed for quite a while
  16. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Well, in this case I'm the mom and my kids always interrupt me. :big_grin_: :big_grin_: :big_grin_:

    I can also laugh at the south east Asian accent, my husband is Filipino and I get that quite often from his family. hehehe
  17. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    is by any chance any of your kids a gamer?? they should understand if so, wish my mother was s gamer☹☹
  18. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    That's unfortunate. That pair must have been close to $1000 USD. Take it to a high end optician and ask if the coating was scratched or the lens. Maybe they can fix it.

    My mom used to tell me the same thing in her Asian accent good thing I am currently living outside their home so I can play all the games I want! Not really... Work and school currently take up 100 hours/week for me
  19. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Its around 600 USD if I were to convert it. My work takes up 200+ hours a week :slightly_sad:
  20. Blu3Bro_xf_rzr

    Blu3Bro_xf_rzr Active Member

    I prefer wired headsets just for the charging factor, but I usually have my headsets wire too long, leaving it to get run over by my chair.
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