What did you get from the CES sell?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oceanblue, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. sidehitLiverDogs485

    sidehitLiverDogs485 New Member

    I ended up getting a Kraken 7.1 classic. I had been eyeing it for a while since my dogs decided to play tug of war with my last headset (still works though! Was a behind the ear and now it just sits on each ear individually without the back support).

    Was kind of disappointed the coupon code wouldn't let me add any other item to increase the value up high enough for free shipping, would probably have bought the headphone stand to go with it.
  2. pmoradi2002

    pmoradi2002 New Member

    Nothing, sold out too quick :slightly_sad:
  3. Bulwulf

    Bulwulf New Member

    All the things I really wanted are apparently sold out, get the " notify me" button so looking ast a hooded sweatshirt to at least take advantage of the sale.
  4. MementoMori

    MementoMori New Member

    Nothing. Everything and anything I wanted is sold out. Blah. Dehyped.
  5. Morgothz

    Morgothz New Member

    Love Razer.
  6. mcvegas007

    mcvegas007 New Member

    I go the razer blade pro! cant wait to get it!
  7. rootdir

    rootdir New Member

    Same thing happened to me, except I had gotten it in the cart at one point only to have the final checkout step fail. Then it was sold out. 45 min of click wait click wait down the drain
  8. edelitus15

    edelitus15 New Member

    one of the codes works with other razer peripherals but none work with the blade =/
  9. Potato.jr

    Potato.jr Member

    oh well. another sales soon. probably nothing goes wrong
  10. I wanted the Chroma but that was pretty much sold out immediately. I got the Blackwidow Ultimate and I am more than satisfied.
  11. JackoFrost

    JackoFrost Member

    I figured everything would be sold out so I just went with the headphone stand. I already have basically full Razer gear, about 1 per year over the last few years. Got a BW, Naga Epic, Mouse pad from CES sale last year, and kraken chroma a month or two ago. Don't exactly have a place to hang my Kraken so I figured the headphone stand looks pretty nice and got that.
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