What do you guys think of the new Razer Tartarus Pro?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by RocketSkates93, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

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  2. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Thanks for sharing these alternatives. The Azeron looks interessting as you could adjust exactly to your hand. But their price policy is crazy. Paying 135€ extra to get on the outside lane or wait up to half a year is a rip off. The more people pay the priority upgrade the longer the others will have to wait. Also the software just looks very unfinished to me at the moment.

    As I have a working Orbweaver, I'll be patient and wait until April for the boring looking analog keypad that can be used for gaming and typing.
  3. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    LOL I didn't know about Azeron shipping policy! Can't believe I was going to buy it. So bad.
    Anyways what's happening in April exactly man?
  4. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to torture you. Just want to avoid advertising products directly here;)
    Coolermaster will release the ControlPad :)
  5. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Ah yes indeed, I've heard of it.
    I just dislike the lack of thumb button/thumbstick/palm rest though.

    PS: and yeah you're right about advertising, however if the Tartarus Pro wasn't broken, we wouldn't be here talking about alternatives. :)
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  6. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    hahahahahaaaa good point you made in the last line ;)

    For me that device is interessting as it seems to be the perfect companion to my tenkeyless keyboard. It can act as tenkeypad on the right and for gaming on the left hand.

    Less money to spend, less software to install and maintain \o/ !

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  7. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Ok I figured your analog keyboard doesn't have a numpad, but you plan to use the ControlPad as one.

    But perhaps by April, Razer would have already fixed the Tartarus Pro who knooooooows :)
    I don't know, really.
  8. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    :joy: nice joke :joy::joy::joy:
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  9. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Hej MrBuli,

    if you are going for a refund I wouldn't wait too long. In first place I did miss the dead line because of the slow responses from Razer (US?) Online Support. I then contacted the German Support and after some motivational discussion and squeezing back and forth they agreed to comply to german customer protection rights at least mostly.

    As far as I can see there is no Razer office in France. From my own experience I strongly recommend you to get in contact with the Razer Europe in first place. Avoid the frustration the Razer US Support will cause you.
    Without being a lawyer I would bet that european customer protection laws are better compared to the US.

    Europe Office
    Razer (Europe) GmbH
    Essener Bogen 23
    22419 Hamburg
    Tel: +49 (40) 4192 99300
    Fax: +49 (40) 4192 99329

    Support Hotline Europe
    Monday - Sunday 09-18 CET

    They web site still shows the wrong information about the availablity for the European Hotline. In fact the Hotline is only available from Monday to Friday instead.

    If you already have contacted the US Support for the refund, don't worry you can still open a new case at the European Support Hotline. You can only contact them directly by phone, all online way to contact support seems to get routed to the US exclusivly.

    Good luck

    PS: I did returned my Fart Pro to Razer Germany (not Razer Netherlands) a week ago. I did so after I got the written promise that they will not deduct my refund in any way and I will see every cent (12999) returning to my account. I will have to wait for that for 20 working days, ce la vie ;)
  10. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Mate why what's your experience with Razer? ;)

    PH1lTH: As stated in their site, the refund only works if the refund process started within the first 14 days, so the rest doesn't matter I guess. And yeah I'm going to contact Razer Europe for getting my refund, the one that's located in Germany that is.

    Anyways danke shön for your help, neighbor ;)

    I live very close to Germany by the way (Elsass) so the process might take less time!

    By the way in the site they also say that it can take up to 45 days before you get your money back, was this your case?
    And did they charge you for the shipping?
  11. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Interessting, I just did comare the refund policies between US, Germany and France. They are quite different. At least in Germany they don't fully respect german customer protection laws. For that reason I had a longish back and forth until Tier 2 Support did understand that german law have a higher priority that Razer internal processes ;)

    If in doubt, check you local consumer protection laws and convince Razer that they have to obey them.
  12. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Why is it even a thing that we rely on each country laws? It shouldn't even matter.
    What Razer's FAQ say is the only thing we should worry about.

    I bought a product that I received yesterday, found out the product is broken, so I decide to open a refund process naturally. It's very simple.

    Is Razer that SNEAKY?

    All I know of is Razer will reject any refunds if you bought the product from a different place than Razer Store, like Amazon.

    Then again I recently bought the Razer Viper on Amazon, noticed something wrong with it, so I had no troubles getting Amazon to replace it.

    I overally never had troubles with refunds in my life, so I don't think I should worry about it.

    I'm still not sure if I want to get refunded, as I said earlier, I'll first wait if they can convince me to stay.
  13. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    That is identical to Germany. For the US they write:
    "You have 14 days to return your product from the date it was received"

    From my experience with the slowlyness and unresponsiveness of the US Support this will end up in a classical catch-22 situation.

    I had very good experience with a guy called Mickey. He was very friendly and did response very fast too :)

    Elsass is in the easter part of France, I'm located in the far west of Germany. That's indeed quite close.
    But we are even more than just neighbors. I have a house in Finistère which is located in the far west of your beautful country :) So I call it giving back to friendly french people and community service.

    In the conversation they told me that it will take up to 20 working days. I'll know bettert by the end of the month.

    They gave me writen confirmationt that they will not reduct my refund for the initial shipping costs (Hong Kong -> Germany). They wanted me to pay the shipping costs from Germany to Netherlands in first place. I massaged them until they gave me a German address for the return. In order to shorten the discussion process, I then paid for the cost of shipping within Germany.

    My 'trick' was that there is a rule in German law that the seller may repair a faulty device twice. The customer can then insist on change. The costs for attempted repairs or replacement deliveries must be borne entirely by the seller. So I said I'm happy to allow Razer to try two repairs before going back to the change as the final rescue.

    Probably the Razer management thought that in the end it would be cheaper for them to take the device back directly.

  14. PS: 'Change' is the lawfull wording for what we simply call a complete refund.

    Once again I'm not able to post as PH1ITH again for unknown reasons.

  15. Lordchucky

    Lordchucky New Member

    [QUOTE = "MrBuli, poste: 513032, membre: 1104488"] Intéressant.
    Je souhaite juste qu'ils aient résolu le problème, que ce soit lié au logiciel ou au matériel.

    Ne lancez pas un produit si l'une de ses fonctionnalités est cassée, simple. Et pour couronner le tout, nous ne rencontrons pas seulement des problèmes avec l'une des fonctionnalités, mais la fonctionnalité principale, qui est un argument de vente. La raison pour laquelle presque tout le monde veut le Tartarus Pro! [/ QUOTE]
    je pense que ce clavier est un des meilleurs que l'on peut trouver sur le marché à ce prix là, parce que si on regarde bien, on remarque que les claviers qui sont plus cher de chez Razer ou Corsair sont pas beaucoup mieux et je n'ai jamais rencontré un meilleur clavier que celui-là à ce prix !
  16. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Si sa fonction analogique n'était pas cassée, j'aurais dit oui, mais là en l'occurrence... 150€ ça n'est pas rien, même si c'est aujourd'hui monnaie courante dans le marché informatique de vendre des périphs derniers cris à ce prix-là.

    Avez-vous pu tester votre copie, voir si l'analogique fonctionne comme prévue?

    Phil: I'm taking note, thanks. Still a bit of a let down for asking me to pay for returning the product.
  17. Are you in contact with the European Support or still talking to the US Support ?
    Did they asked you also to return the device to the Netherlands on your own coss ?

    Check what customer protection laws are valid for France. Even if they don't have a french office they do target a french audience by translating their offers to french. Because of that french laws have to be applied. At least that's the way it is in Germany. Hope it's the same or close to the same for you in France.

  18. PH1lTH

    PH1lTH New Member

    Hej guys,

    phew, today I got the confirmattion from Paypal that Razer did refund the full price without any deduction to my account. So this last adventure I've had with Razer, ended with paying 7,50€ for shipping (inside Germany).

    Lessons learned: never, Never, NEVER ever buy something in the Razer online shop nor contact the online (US?) support again. If I ever buy something - non-electric - from Razer again then only from a dealer where exchang or returned is possible without much discussion and frustration.

    @MrBuli: keeping my fingers crossed that your case will end up good as well. If you need any help, drop me a message.

    All the best to you guys!

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  19. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Hey folks, I wanted to stop by and drop a note.

    First and foremost, nobody bans anyone on Insider except for myself and a few key others who don't do anything without my consent. The site has been experiencing some technical challenges lately and not being able to post or even view pages intermittently has been an issue.

    With that said, instabans are mostly handed down for spam and a clear violation of the House Rules. Nobody censors here, no matter how bad it feels. If it's within the House Rules, it stands. I stand for transparency, even if others don't.

    Second, I have run the concern regarding the Tartarus Pro internally. It may not lead to a solution, but that's not to say it won't be looked at and/or addressed. The best I can offer at the moment is a hopeful, "let's-wait-and-see."

    If you don't want to wait, you shouldn't have to. Your time is valuable.

    If you're not happy with a product, return it. The rules and policies have always been there.

    Lastly, this is a personal note from me and may fall on deaf ears, but please be patient with support. They work their butts off and post holidays is always challenging. They're in the trenches, they're actively trying to help everyone. They don't get enough love and they absolutely deserve it.

    Thank you.
  20. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Just checked here since Dekades popped on here, not really my area but @PH1lTH grüß Gott, I was also thinking return windows was 14 days but recently when I contacted CS in Hamburg they said 30 days I’m guessing this’s because of the law, so they’re doing their best imo as Dekades mentioned. Personally so far on my experience with Razer CS here since Razer edge ages it was not bad at all actually, even in out of guarantee period they sent me free usb recovery to solve the problem once. Hope though they keep continue improving the response time and refund way so not many people worried about buying from the store.
    Cheers and sorry if it’s out of topic, idk much about Tartarus.
    PS: Eslass is really nice place we camp and play soccer there almost every year.
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