What do you guys think of the new Razer Tartarus Pro?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by RocketSkates93, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. Writing from another account as I got hit again by:
    Access Denied

    You don't have permission to access "http://insider.razer.com/index.php?" on this server.

    Thank you for your message Dekades.

    It is good to read that I should not be censored, but that the faulty system is to blame
    It's true only one message from me was actively censored. It got deleted because I inserted an - anonymized - screenshot of a response from customer support. I had inserted this to show that the support continues to give incorrect answers. Incorrect because it was decided six months ago that the problem would no longer be solved and all work on it was stopped.

    What bothered me most about US support was that it took several days to answer. Some reactions took even two weeks. Response times of this quality make it difficult to have a dialogue. Without dialogue, you don't feel that your problems are taken seriously. In addition, time works against you because you run the risk of missing the 14 day return date. Which btw happened to me as I was hoping for a default fix for bad products.

    I have seen numerous system problems from Razer in the past few weeks:
    Product issues:
    - Hardware does not deliver what marketing promises
    - Software prevents 'old' and new hardware from working together
    Support issues:
    - Ticket system was changed and caused problems
    - Own tickets cannot be viewed by the user
    - False statements from support that give you hope in vain
    - Warranty website provides incorrect information
    - Insider website had technical problems
    - Support chat cannot be reached
    - Telephone support times are incorrect on the website

    The only thing that really works great are the identical text modules that always tell me on all channels (support, insider, Reddit, Amazon) how sorry Razer would be, how much they would understand me and how insanely important my opinion would be.

    I hope you can understand that my patience has been overused and no longer exists.

    Fuck it, I'm finally rid of Tartarus and with it the hardware and software problems have vanished into thin air.
    I have already replaced my Razer mouse and keyboard, and in April the Orbweaver will also be replaced \o/. However, there are still two Razer products that I will keep: Razer Sphex v1 & v2

    Funnily enough, while writing these lines, I got a customer satisfaction survey from Razer.
    Razer remained true to their sense of humor: the link to the survey doesn't work!

    Hahahahahaha very holistic.

    having phun

  2. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    It's a shame, that we don't get an answer to this important question.

    So, the only conclusion can be: NO, it's as bad, as it has ever been. So this device can not be recommended.
  3. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Why do you want to know about how it's constructed?
    It's not as bad to use anyways to me as Orbweaver' stick, my only concern is the broken analog feature
  4. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    One can read in this forum and on reddit, that the thumb stick or thumb buttons break very often, sometimes within a few month, even without heavy use. If one wants to use the thumb stick as wasd replacement, he will damage the Tartarus within a short time. The cause seems to be a too weak construction or weak material.
  5. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Well at least they got their product replaced then again would love to know at which rate they used it and how hardly. Anyways I tried was on the thumbstick, it's really hard to get used to it

    Ps; it's also weird that Razer seem not aware about the analog issue, they ask me to make a video, when there already are out on YouTube. I'll make one, and see how things go.
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  6. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Anyway, a broken analog feature is as bad, as a broken hardware feature.
    I'm using the thumb stick for game movement, not very heavy, cause I'm not a hard core gamer. Still my Orbweaver works. But under these circumstances, I would never buy a Tartarus, because of it's weak construction, nor a Orbweaver, because it's outdated.
  7. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    Yeah, actually it's even worse that analog doesn't work as promised, because it's the main reason Tartarus Pro costs twice as much as the V2.
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  8. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    The most strange thing is, that nobody cares. It seems, that nobody is interested in satisfied customers or qualified critics.
    There is a forum, and the only reaction comes, if someone breaks "the house rules", by banning the user's account.
    Thats pur censorship!
    I have never had a similar bad experience with any other brand. Still can't believe, that it's like this. But it is.
  9. MrBuli

    MrBuli New Member

    I guess the only way to buy a Razer product is to make sure it doesn't break or isn't dysfunctional
  10. Don't waste your time for that! I just linked to the existing videos with the remark that I wouldn't be able to document it any better.
  11. Maybe their management is too busy counting money ;)

    Exactly what happens to me, here and on reddit.

    But on reddit it is a little bit different. All public visible complaints are answered quickly by so called RazerCustAdvocacy with sweet excuses and promises. Then they lurk you into the darkness of PMs and simply forward your issues to the US Customer Support. What happens than and there is history ;)

    PS: my job isn't troubleshooting broken Razer products, my motivation is to help other customers to be treated fair.
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  12. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    As mentioned before, I've taken up your grievances to the other teams.

    I've locked this thread because it's gone off the rails and has lost it's constructiveness.
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