What does everyone think of the new D.VA skin?

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by Takatomon, Apr 26, 2017.


DO you like the new D.VA skin?

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  1. Its Ameizing

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  2. Its fine

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  3. Its an average skin

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  4. Bad skin but there are worse

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  5. Its the worst skin

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  1. Takatomon

    Takatomon New Member

    Playing week 2 of the nexus challenge will award the new cop D.VA skin what do you all think of it?
  2. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl Staff Member

    A free skin for D.VA (my favorite Overwatch hero)? I'll take it! :)
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  3. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    Add me and let's go play some HotS! (at least enough games to get the skin).

    I actually play D.Va a lot (it's a surprise to me, but after watching somebody play on Twitch, my understanding of the hero really bloomed), so a new skin for her would be fantastic!
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  4. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I'm hyped to get it, I don't play her much but I enjoy having skins in general ;D
  5. MorteusOW

    MorteusOW New Member

  6. PigeTheGreat

    PigeTheGreat Member

    When you use the boost, you can hear police sirens! A nice touch in my opinion!
  7. Chesunei

    Chesunei New Member

    D.V.A.s hottest skin =D
  8. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

  9. Mausthemighty

    Mausthemighty Active Member

    I love it. It's the main reason I played HotS again.
  10. TheWill42

    TheWill42 Active Member

    ok now I have to try it!
  11. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this is my favorite part of playing her now. I just don't know if everybody else can hear your sirens as you come rushing to the objective.
  12. HollowTails

    HollowTails New Member

    It's very good, only thing i hate is you can't crouch which sucks ass
  13. KongKK

    KongKK New Member

    Are we talking about the overwatch anniversary edition skin or police Dva? Because both are great af!
  14. Mausthemighty

    Mausthemighty Active Member

    We were talking about the officer skin. But I agree, the new one is excellent!!!!
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  15. Mideah

    Mideah New Member

    It's ok, I like her sirens, but I really love her newest skin from Anniversary, it's my new favorite ever.
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  16. BlutigEisbar

    BlutigEisbar Active Member

    She has gotten so many skins it's kind of sad. I would have loved to seen some skins for other characters from HoTS Nexus Event vs the Genji and D.Va
  17. Datrat

    Datrat Well-Known Member

    I love the new skin. But I suck at HOTS and didn't get it... The anniversary skin is great too!
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