What does the "Razer thresher for XBox One" come with?

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by SayPokGuy, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. SayPokGuy

    SayPokGuy New Member

    For the razer thresher for xbox one on the zsilver page, I was wondering what it actually was. Was it the ultimate edition version cause it does not seem so. And judging from a little bit of research it requires an adapter to use on pc and does not come with chroma? I just want to what it actually has ex: chroma, headset stand, pc compatibility, and what version it actually is.
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  2. MikazukiOW

    MikazukiOW New Member

    If it has lighting on the sides (logo,etc), then it is the normal edition meaning it works wireless for xbox one without anything else included. The one without lighting is the tournament edition, wired and works for all devices
  3. CheddaXx

    CheddaXx New Member

    I own the Razer Thresher Ultimate for Xbox One. It comes with everything you need to connect to either a console or your pc. The key word here is "either", you cannot have the headset neatly connected to a console AND a pc at the same time even though there's a toggle switch from xbox to pc. The slight problem is there is the usb to mini ubs cable can only be plugged into one or the other depending on which you want to use. So what you have to do is physically unplug the usb from the console and connect it to the pc or visa-versa to use the format you want which is just an annoyance of having to get up and move the cable back and forth.
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