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What flavor of Linux do you use?

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by SirJayDee, Mar 25, 2017.

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  1. I currently use Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 dual booted with Windows 10 on my desktop, but I've yet to try it out on my Razer Blade 14 (2017). Has anyone had any issues with Ubuntu and their Blade?
  2. AaRdWoLf

    AaRdWoLf New Member

    ubuntu 17.04, kali, tails
  3. razorph

    razorph New Member

    Been testing many distributions over number of years and always comes back to Fedora so i just just stick to it now. Good for gaming etc and always has latest Gnome :wink_:
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  4. In the olden days (2007-2010) I used OpenSuse and it got the job done.

    These days I use Mint if I just want it to work. It's a breeze to install and pretty much works with little or no configuration on anything I've tried it on (be it mac or pc of varying make/age/format)

    I also use Debian sometimes and it's pretty good and simple to use. I've run into more issues with it installing vs Mint though. Nothing that couldn't be overcome, but just more work up front.

    Not Ubuntu. I actually give it a try every time I'm deciding on which distro to use thinking that at some point it'll work for me, but no. There's either always some issue that's too much of a hassle to figure out or it's just buggy and half-baked feeling. I keep thinking that since it's one of the better know distros that I've just had bad luck with hardware compatibility, but more and more it may just not be the distro for me. (I even tried Kubuntu, Xubuntu and still a no go for me).
  5. KristijanZic

    KristijanZic New Member

    Ubuntu, first with GNOME2 back in the day, then with Unity7 then with Unity8 and now with GNOME3
    It was always a fun ride with Ubuntu :D
    But I think we finally have the chance for GNOME becoming sort of a standard for better or worse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  6. Puppetier

    Puppetier Member

    Ubuntu right now, but I want to try Mint, Kali and gentoo.
  7. Kubuntu 16.04, but will move to Arch when the 2017 RBS comes out.
  8. Ahr0uN

    Ahr0uN New Member

    green razer manjaro :D
  9. Elementary OS. It is silky smooth and goes well with the Mac Book Pro aesthetic of the Razer laptops.
  10. tamashumi

    tamashumi New Member

    Usually Ubuntu :)
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