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What game consoles you got or strictly pc?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by dukeofhentai, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. Azureworldpulse337

    Azureworldpulse337 New Member

    Lately I've been playing on PC a lot.

    But I started my gaming career on consoles, with the GameBoy (the original one ;) ).

    Then my dad got my brother and me: the Sega MegaDrive, The PS2. Then my brother bought a PS3, then an Xbox 360. And for his b-day and Xmas, I got him the Xbox One.

    (Although it saddens me that e left Sony for Microsoft)
  2. PeterB

    PeterB Active Member

    I was the same as you, for along time my family never had much tech and to this day, the most my Dad uses is the TV. I would often play at friends houses though and was always fascinated. When I was 11 we got a very basic PC which I used for HW. However one Christmas I was given Narnia the game which requires a graphics card. My mum then set out to get one installed which further intrigued me. Not long after that I was playing Star Wars Battlefront and Roller Coaster Tycoon. At this time I always thought that having a console would be so much better . I then saved up to get a Wii and spent hour playing all of the typical Nintendo games.
    Then when I was 15 I got a PS3 as many of friends had one to, I attempted to play COD and found that I could not play for my life with a controller! Other games such as Skate and GTA I was not so bad at.
    I then realised it was all thee hours I had spent on the computer which gave me talent with the master peripherals.
    Not long after I started work on my custom PC build which I have to this day, along with my friends who came to the Master Race with me!
    I became a big Razer fan and am now a hardcore PC gamer with 150 games in my library and the highest quality peripherals a man could dream of!
    That is the story of my gaming life.
  3. Bualflo

    Bualflo New Member

    I got a gaming PC and a PS4 but I usually play on the computer. I will also buy the Nvidia Shield, it looks awesome!
  4. K3NTuX

    K3NTuX New Member

    I have a PS3. Don't touch it for months...
    PC games are cheaper and I can bring my laptop to everywhere I go!
  5. Might_Of_MikeM79

    Might_Of_MikeM79 New Member

    i have PC, Nvidia Shield tablet, and Xbox 360. The xbone is still not a bigg enough difference for me to replace the 360. Not to mention i have a large game library on my 360 so itll probably always just be an arcade type area of my home, where as my PC has around 80 steam games and by far is way more enjoyable.
  6. JohnnyCrazyy

    JohnnyCrazyy New Member

    Got a PS3, manly for GTA V :D
  7. Sega: Master System, Genesis, CD, Dreamcast
    Nintendo: 64, DS
    Xbox: 360
    Sony: PS1, PS2, PS3 (Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition), PS4 (20th Anniversary Edition!)
  8. AznChaos869

    AznChaos869 New Member

    Gameboy Pocket
    Gameboy Colour
    Gameboy Advance
    3DS XL
    PS Vita
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One
  9. steelmanf

    steelmanf New Member

    Currently have, in some form or another:
    XBox 360
    My PC
    Shield Tablet

    Have also had:
    Sega Game Gear
    Atari 2600

    Have to say though, I don't really know if I'm going to be interested in another console for a bit. Most of what I want to play still comes out for PC eventually.
  10. campretroTangelo023

    campretroTangelo023 New Member

    I have a Xbox One for my primary console mainly for the exclusives that I cant get on PC. I do still have my old Xbox 360, Xbox, Original PSP, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advanced.
  11. Xtronn

    Xtronn New Member

    I own xbox 360 and 2 years old laptop. Playing both of these. Sorry for my bad English.
  12. Sn4p_21

    Sn4p_21 Member

    • Nintendo 64
    • Red DS Lite
    • Dark Blue Original DS
    • Xbox 360
    • Wii
    • PS2
    • Custom built PC
    • NES
    • Gameboy Advance SP
  13. PSP Go
    PSP Vita
    NDS 3DS XL

    Playing mainly pokemon ot disgsea. Does iPad counts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. I've got WiiU, DSxl, ps3, and xbox 360.... won't buy the newest ps4 nor xbone with prices where they're at as I play wow and that already takes a fair bit of time.
  15. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    I have the Original Xbox, as well as the One, and a gaming PC.
  16. IronManUtd

    IronManUtd New Member

    used to have game consoles quite a few years ago but in my eyes it was more of a waste of money that way, so now I'm strictly a PC gamer.
  17. Xuiae

    Xuiae New Member

    I have a desktop replacement laptop and an Xbox One. I use my PC way more anymore, due to my friends not having an Xbox One like they all use to have a 360. I love playing on both and I do every day. But I only have a console to play Halo anymore. I'd rather play any other game on PC pretty much.
  18. JakeFromSt8Farm

    JakeFromSt8Farm New Member

    I love having my Xbox 360 and many other hand held gaming systems, like the PSP Go, and the Gameboy, but I can always count on PC to have my back when it comes to gaming.
  19. raptor7279

    raptor7279 Member

    I owned the following consoles
    1. PS1
    2. PS2
    3. PS3
    4. PS4
    5. PSP Slim
    6. NES
    Other than that, I'm usually on my PC, as I like FPS games, and I feel that FPS dont gel very well on consoles.
  20. ahngoh

    ahngoh New Member

    I would prefer games on PC because I like to multi task.
    On the PC I can play, chat, surf, list to music at the same time! :D
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