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What game consoles you got or strictly pc?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by dukeofhentai, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. Commando1968

    Commando1968 New Member

    I used to be strictly pc, apart from an Atari 2600 we had in the house from many years ago, but once I entered college, I ended up starting to purchase consoles because so many people had them.

    As such I currently have

    Atari 2600
    Nintendo Wii
    Xbox 360 x2
    Xbox One

    I still have an old DOS computer set up too, in addition to my main pc :D
  2. MisterLeon

    MisterLeon New Member

    Have Owned:

    Currently Own:
    Xbox 360
    Wii U
    3DS XL
    Xbox One
    Desktop PC
  3. Xevien

    Xevien Active Member

    I have every game console since Atari 2600 but I mainly play on my pc. I will never part with my consoles though lol.
  4. AznSkribbles

    AznSkribbles New Member

    Strictly PC master race however I still have my consoles collecting leftover dust for me Lel
  5. Serracen

    Serracen New Member

    Aside from my PC I have a PS3, and a Nintendo 3DS
  6. CrusaderWelora

    CrusaderWelora New Member

    Mostly PC for me but I do have a PS3 and a 360. Both names are CrusaderWelora if you wanna add me, as are Steam and Origin.
  7. PuceRedpointgeo798

    PuceRedpointgeo798 New Member

    Love my PC but I have also :
    -Xbox 360
    -Game Cube
    -DS lite
    -New 3ds
    -Game Boy pocket
    -Game Boy Advance SP

    I love the retrogaming!
  8. seefouryoung

    seefouryoung New Member

    I currently own a DSi, 3DS XL, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, GameCube, N64, Xbox 360
  9. leredz

    leredz New Member

    ps3 and ps4 all the way!!!!
  10. chiemichan

    chiemichan New Member

    I love my PC and 3DS, but I also own a Gamecube, N64, Wii, Game Boy Color, and a Game Boy Advance. My family has clearly been a Nintendo family :K
  11. Mirza_Ghalib

    Mirza_Ghalib New Member

    I have a Wii U. Everything else is PC.
  12. KenstA

    KenstA Active Member

    • PC
    • Playstation 4
    • Playstation Vita
  13. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    aside from PC, im all about my 3ds and my vita, (yes the vita...i use it as my little nostalgia machine, has all my FF stuff and chrono cross/trigger on it lol)
  14. xVividRedbyte439

    xVividRedbyte439 New Member

    I still have my Xbox 360 slim that I got before I could afford a gaming pc, but all I use it for is Netflix and halo 4.
  15. lnfinity

    lnfinity New Member

    I've been a big fan of the Playstation series my entire life. I've only had the PSOne and the PS2. I never upgraded afterward ever since I got into online gaming during high school.
  16. Esterni

    Esterni New Member

    I got my awesome Wii U :D I love it. Got my PC for all my other games
  17. megaforce1020

    megaforce1020 New Member

    X1, X360, 3DS, PS1, Super Nintendo
  18. Ps4 and a blade
  19. Kyoubou

    Kyoubou New Member

    I prefer my pc for gaming over my xbox one but then again I can play destiny on my xbox one.
  20. Also I smoke weed daily
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