What games do you play on your smartphone?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by TSharp, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. Flappy Bird for life, its just a fun game that you can play when your born, and just because people stopped playing it doesn't mean you have to;)
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  2. BaeJooHyun

    BaeJooHyun New Member

    KairoSoft games. They have a good line up of mobile games, addicting too. Costs like 2-5$ each but IMO it's worth it
  3. SpiderRobotMan

    SpiderRobotMan New Member

    I've been playing games like Circle, Phases, Piano tiles, and a couple more. i don't like games like clash of clans or other fps type games on my phone, i use an S5 and i still find it very small for games like that.
  4. kennethnyu

    kennethnyu New Member

    I was an avid travian player around 8 years ago, and I play Game of War: Fire Age on my android phone.
    There's similar games like Clash of Clans and what not but I stuck with GoW: FA
  5. Lycius

    Lycius New Member

    Currently on my smartphone I'm playing Spider-Man Unlimited.
  6. 2Yung

    2Yung New Member

    I've just been playing ROM's lately on my phone.
    • Dodgeball Advance
    • Pokemon
    • Advanced Wars
    If you know how to operate with ROM's (which are pretty simple) you can download a Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulator off Google Play and get many games. I've spent a good week on my phone playing Pokemon...goodness such an unproductive week.
  7. Olixv

    Olixv New Member

    Duet and pokemon light platinum ROM
  8. Clement

    Clement Member

    Dumb ways to die 2, Thats about it ;p
  9. Sillymike

    Sillymike Member

    CoC, Boom Beach, Falldown 2, ShotZombie, and Flow Free is a must!!!
  10. koccs

    koccs New Member

    I recommend you Hitman Go. It is great.
  11. stroh.ed

    stroh.ed New Member

    Osmos HD, Plague Inc., Terraria, World of Goo (a big favorite of mine) and I keep meaning to get started on Ingress. It looks really cool but I need to find a group of people to participate with to do it properly. Hopefully soon!
  12. redhead redemption
  13. VinXern

    VinXern New Member

    I played tower of saviours on my phone, it is a puzzle game, you have to think wisely about which skill you have to use in each different stage, also the artwork of the cards are quite amazing and it is constantly improving and its a great game you all should try it.
  14. rickfactorr

    rickfactorr New Member

    8Ball Pool lol
  15. striker4709

    striker4709 New Member

    On smartphone not so much other which i develop on unity... On my ipad instead mostly fps or tower defense :D
  16. Kn0var

    Kn0var Member

    Ridiculous Fishing
    Devious Dungeon
    Worms 3
    BombSquad (fun beta multiplayer game)
  17. Elune Saga and Heros Charge
  18. Aeithus

    Aeithus New Member

    Brave Frontier!
  19. rhythm games for days

    cytus and jubeats ^^
  20. Shantaram

    Shantaram New Member

    WoT Blitz - quite rarely, due to heavy battery consuption on my Nexus 5
    Jet Car Stunts is fun and great)
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