What games do you play on your smartphone?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by TSharp, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. The Infinity Blade series is, in my opinion, one of the best story driven apps out there. The High Def graphics only make the game better and the combat system is pretty great too.
  2. yourmapper

    yourmapper Member

    I've certainly played a lot in the past and now. Some of these are better on an iPad than a phone, but do work on a phone too.

    Get Legends of Yore now! Thomas was Alone, Vain Glory, The Room (1 & 2), MESA, Assassin's Creed Pirates, Ghostbusters, Record Run, Monument Valley, Carcassonne, House of the Dead Overkill, Infinity Blade series, Little Inferno (!), The Drowning, Map of the Dead, The Blockheads (soooo great), Walking Dead, Spy vs Spy, Army of Darkness, Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery, Grimm, RAGE, Dungeon Hunter 2, The Incident (awesome), Undercroft (rad RPG), Monkey Island.

    I could go on.
  3. stanimalec

    stanimalec New Member

    True skate!!! I've put more than 100 into that game!
  4. 220393

    220393 New Member

    I would recommend you to play 'HelpMeJack'. It's free in play market and is quite amazing. I really enjoy palying it.
  5. CrisixCore

    CrisixCore New Member

    Oh man mobile gaming is something that I have to say is a guilty pleasure of mine for a reason I still don't understand, that being said though I have been currently playing Tap Titans and Spiderman Unlimited.
  6. LeoLu

    LeoLu New Member

    I play Terraria and Asphult 8 and I want to get FTL (Faster than Light).
    I like Terraria a lot because there's literally no ending and there's millions of things to do. PLUS they just updated it and pretty much every hardmode item that was previously on the PC is now on iOS/Android. So there's a bunch more biomes, bosses and over 1200 items. However there is a lot, and I mean a lot of bugs. Hopefully the ones I saw on the Apple Store User Review thing are fixed.

    Asphult 8 is a unrealistic but fun racing game where there's tons of ramps and objects to hit and the multiplayer is great with amazing gameplay. The campaign is long and somewhat exciting, I just wish there were more maps. But the biggest downside to this free game is that it's basically pay to win. You literally have to pay $30 to get a S Class Car.

    And FTL, well I don't know how good it is but it is one of the most expensive apps from a big company. That said, it does contain some extra stuff which you have to pay seperately to get on PC. I'll explain FTL, it's basically a spaceship game where you jump from little sections onto other sections then when you're done you head to a completely new place. When you jump onto new sections there can be Rebels which will attack you and you need to react and attack them. If you kill them you can salvage the ship and get scrap, you trade scrap for upgrades and new nice things. At the end you have to fight the boss. There's a ton more things that I haven't covered but I won't spend 1 hour typing stuff about FTL.
  7. cptskippy

    cptskippy New Member

    Flight Control, Osmos, Threes, Enviro-Bear 2010, and Goat Simulator seem to be the games I play most these day. I just ordered an Evolution Controller, I'm hoping to get more into ROMs once that shows up.
  8. prooney625

    prooney625 New Member

    I'm a fan of Kingdom Rush (there are 3 games in the series, I believe). It's a classic tower-defense game, and it's really fun to play.
  9. LummoxOcara

    LummoxOcara New Member

    I've been playing Icycle. Reasonably fun and a good distraction for a couple of minutes.
  10. cartoonbob

    cartoonbob New Member

    CLASH OF CLANS!!!! its so freaking addicting!!!!!! when it first came out i really didnt understand it and hated it, but after giving it a go really liked it and now i play it like im living on my phone. it really is the best app game i have ever played.
  11. Ironmike11B3

    Ironmike11B3 New Member

    I play puzzle and word games mainly. The LG G3 is big but not enough for my taste in games.
  12. Letterpress, slingshot, rayman, sudoku quest, Jellies, 100 Balls and Blocks
  13. spewr

    spewr New Member

  14. nelsonjr7836

    nelsonjr7836 New Member

    Dumb ways to die is awsome, I also play Candy crush soda saga :D #ThisisRazer
  15. nelsonjr7836

    nelsonjr7836 New Member

    Dumb ways to die is awsome, I also play Candy crush soda saga :D #ThisisRazer
  16. Kingfox

    Kingfox New Member

    I'm currently addicted to Cards and Castles. It's a fun mix between turn based strategy and deck building. Offering both asynchronous and real time game modes, I generally play the former so I can sneak a turn or two in when I've got a free minute around the house.
  17. Ghostlyhollow

    Ghostlyhollow New Member

    Ubisoft Trials Frontier
  18. Dj_Rob

    Dj_Rob New Member

    On my cellphone I play walking dead, gta 3 and max payne
  19. Halo, Age of Empires, GTA san andreas, and asphalt 8.
  20. hebitori

    hebitori Member

    Fruit Ninjas, Wind Racers, Cookie Run, Mujo..
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