What games do you play on your smartphone?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by TSharp, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. nigelnvf

    nigelnvf New Member

    Clash of Clans!!! Such an addicting game
  2. headAmazonlink773

    headAmazonlink773 New Member

    I play clash of clans. Its pretty addicting in the beginning if you like this type of game. You can also play with a bunch of friends.
  3. edelitus14

    edelitus14 New Member

    heads up! its so fun with a bunch of drunk friends
  4. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    Geometry Dash, Rayman, and a lot of different emulated games (mostly GBA and SNES)
  5. Hmm, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, BRAINWARS!!! OH and texting
  6. Potato.jr

    Potato.jr Member

    Clash of clans, fifa 15 but mainly tower of saviors. It's sad to see that most new games have too much iaps.
  7. Aliazam

    Aliazam Member

    Clash of Clans
  8. L3sz3k

    L3sz3k New Member

    i like Bastion, now w8ing for Transistor, returning to Death Rally, 80 days
  9. CedricE

    CedricE New Member

    Bridge constructor!! sorry, mechanical engineering student over here
  10. Potato.jr

    Potato.jr Member

    True. I've been playing pokemon again on my phone. Great for boring classes. Hahaha
  11. Bretto

    Bretto New Member

    As always, I try games that are addictive and "short to leave", because I play when I'm in the bus or similar situations, so right now I'm giving a chance to Cut the rope and the Sonic CD that went free on Amazon
  12. Easily Clash Of Clans for me!

    Got to the point where I don't really play it anymore due to having to essentially pay to progress further, but I still enjoyed it.
  13. finnaginagain2507

    finnaginagain2507 New Member

    Terraria and minecraft, just good little time wasters when I'm bored on the toilet.
  14. I rarely play games on my smartphone but when I do, I like to play some puzzle or intellectual games like Trivia Crack or Puzzle Retreat.
  15. TheYellowLorry

    TheYellowLorry New Member

    Castle Clash and Brave Frontier (BF crashed so many times on my primary phone i gave up and now start to play it on my secondary phone at home with wifi)
  16. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    Not a lot really, tend to just browse when I'm out and about.

    I grabbed Knights of the Old Republic the other week since it's finally out on Android. Definitely recommend that for any Star Wars and/or RPG fans.
  17. autoGunmetalbuzz363

    autoGunmetalbuzz363 New Member

    Yall got anymore of that Trivia Crack? *Scratch* *Scratch*
  18. Flodian

    Flodian New Member

    I play a lot of HearthStone on the phone, runs really well.
  19. asteroide7

    asteroide7 New Member

    I have a serious addiction with Trials Frontier, this game's campaign seems endless.:eek: Also playing KatataK and Thomas Was Alone these days.
  20. Kush69

    Kush69 New Member

    Bloons td 5, along with katamari demacy when I get the time and the battery life
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