What games have you played this weekend?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Deleted member 368765, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. I'm a big fan of Minecraft, this week I played Counter Strike Global Offensive
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  2. domagojj

    domagojj New Member

    Wow classic all the time :D
  3. i love PUBG
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  4. REDX23

    REDX23 New Member

    I am playing CSGO after a long time left the game because of hackers i mean like really 4th game in a row. I lost it after that. BUt now I'm Prime and I hope to see some less cheaters may God help me
  5. shajeerAP

    shajeerAP New Member

  6. gstsdw

    gstsdw Active Member

    Been playing Minecraft with my lady friend quite a bit this past week. I've also played some Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 3, Celeste, and am trying really hard (struggling) to finish Witcher 1 (why people like this game so much?)
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  7. koshtan

    koshtan New Member

    I'm planning to replay The Evil Within 1 & 2. I find the first one to be particularly great. No idea why it got so much criticism.
  8. koshtan

    koshtan New Member

    I love the RDR series! Rockstar should release the first one on PC as well. It's long overdue.
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  9. Listeria

    Listeria Member

    i recently discovered robocraft. very fun game to play with friends
  10. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    I moved to a remote community for work and I have no internet at my residence, so I've been playing mobile games. Fortunately, some mobile games like Clash Royale and Crossing Void don't burn much of my limited data. I also started playing my offline PS4 backlog. I'm currently working on Infamous: Second Son.
  11. Ludicrous_Jozees

    Ludicrous_Jozees New Member

    dude, I play wows too! We should play someday!
  12. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    The Witcher 1 was amazing when it was first released, but it's dated now. Some old games are still fun to go back and play, and others we simply need to realize they were good for that time - but gaming experiences have been quickly evolving.
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  13. shajeerAP

    shajeerAP New Member

  14. rzridtest01

    rzridtest01 New Member

    Path of Exile!
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    WHTZMBE New Member

    Been enjoying Control on PC, and a bit of Metro Exodus.
    For mobile it was Shadowgun, CyberHunter and Half-Life 2 episode 2.
  16. I played a lot of games during the weekend and I also use the shareit app because it is a great file-sharing application.
  17. Star wars battlefront 2 and Dota Underlords!!

    Had allot of fun
  18. videoshowpro

    videoshowpro New Member

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  19. Ayahuascero

    Ayahuascero New Member

    So far only a little bit of World of Tanks
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