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What games have you played this weekend?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Deleted member 368765, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    I've been consumed by The Long dark. I did play a few rounds of COD Warzone but mostly have been sticking to the long dark.
  2. JamesAdvancewars

    JamesAdvancewars New Member

    Resident Evil 4.

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  3. bodazhu

    bodazhu New Member

    I've played Hearth Stone and The Witcher for a few hours.
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  4. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    Finished replaying Half Life 2 on Monday. I've also been playing COD Warzone, Shadow Warrior, The Long Dark and Sludge Life ( I swear they made this game with me in mind)

    On the PS Vita I've been playing Don't Starve, Heroes of loot, NeuroVoider
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  5. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    How do you manage switching from COD to everything else? I've been on Valorant grind, and I find it rather difficult to juggle multiple games while keeping up with the ranking.
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  6. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    I will usually play a little bit of one of the others and then do a long session of COD or maybe, one day I'll play one of the other games and then play a day or two of COD. I try to get a couple of hours in either way but some days I'm only playing one or two games.
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  7. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I'm on the go so I could only play (pun definetly inteded) Pokemon GO
  8. _OieZi_

    _OieZi_ New Member

    I didn't play that much, a little bit of FIFA to relax a bit.
  9. xMisiu

    xMisiu New Member

    I beat Orcs Must Die (1+2), Firewatch and finished off the Spyro Trilogy this week.

    Now I'm working on Psychonauts, since it's apparently a classic I never got into back when it was released. There's so many collectibles though x_x
  10. Marley5

    Marley5 New Member

    I played a lot of FIFA 20 and PES this week! I can't wait for FIFA 21 to get released.
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  11. wirebizRedOrange612

    wirebizRedOrange612 New Member

    World of Warcraft by the bucketload. And finished Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, about halfway through Metro Exodus.
  12. flipg

    flipg New Member

    Warhammer II is just so addicting
  13. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    Deadside, new game with a lot of potential!
  14. pitermac

    pitermac Member

    Just started Medieval Dynasty while having a break from R6 Siege.
  15. bmoreawesom3

    bmoreawesom3 Member

    replaying Titanfall 2. Then might jump into Hades after that. November can't come sooner!
  16. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    Been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World lately. Shadowbringers and Iceborne are amazing expansions.

    I've poured so many hours into these two games. I can't wait for Final Fantasy XVI and Monster Hunter Rise to come out.
  17. yarkoweb

    yarkoweb New Member

    Oh, I started to play PUBG a lot with my friends over quarantine, now 2 times a week we play hard!
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  18. Ralphtherap

    Ralphtherap Member


    That's pretty much it really for lately.
  19. BuCksHotz187

    BuCksHotz187 New Member

    Aaaalot divinity 2 :big_grin_: some remenant, mixed in some shadows awekening in between :wink_:
  20. Pagaille21

    Pagaille21 New Member

    Rocket League, Division, PUBG Mobile.

    Rocket League has been so much fun
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