What graphics card do you guys have and what is your avg. Fortnite FPS on what setting?

Discussion in 'Battlestations' started by JustNgo, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. JustNgo

    JustNgo New Member

    Mine is on 99% 3D resolution, View distance far with everything medium. Avg. FPS is around 45.

    I use a Radeon 8600/8700M
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I have a GTX 1060 6GB from EVGA (Clocked slightly higher then the founders edition cards), and I have everything on high other then View Distance on Epic and shadows on Medium (Post Processing off), and I get around 144FPS all the time other then some minor dips, running on a 144Hz monitor, that also effects the performance a bit.
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  3. Thanna

    Thanna New Member

    I only have a zotac 1050 ti oc version which is quite affordable and good at the same time. I got 144 FPS almost every time with a few minor shifts depending on what Im seeing. Keep rocking on mate.
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  4. mseth2000

    mseth2000 New Member

    1050ti SC and a 750ti SC, both EVGA and overclocked higher, it can push over 200, but if correctly configured, i limit it to 75fps as thats the most my monitor handles though. more context regarding it is that the 750ti ran majority of physics related tasks while the 1050ti ran the main renderings and such. i would run benchmarks to show screenshots of ingame fortnite but i gave my 750ti away recently, rip.
  5. CXTKRS1

    CXTKRS1 Member

    1080ti and runs 144fps on Ultra. I haven't OCed my monitor to see if it can hit 165FPS without OCing my GPU.
  6. MaximumGameing

    MaximumGameing New Member

    I have a 1080 and get around 60 fps on 4k settings Epic No Overclock sometimes it can dip to 30 though.
    60htz refesh on monitor
  7. DabaronDaFox

    DabaronDaFox Member

    hey poor people i got that
    rx 460 oc 2gb.
    I got 170 fps on fork knife on low everything with max view distance.
    and with epic i get 20 fps
    and on medium i get 60
    and with my settings I get 70 fps
  8. Thias27

    Thias27 New Member

    I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. And looks like G-sinc is working,
    although in the wiki stands its supportet from the 970 up.
  9. Adern

    Adern New Member

    I have same but 3 gigs and asking what average fps cant be a good question cause I run at like 200 on csgo but 60 on fortnite but dont spend more money on a 1080, 1060 doesnt even look diffrent
    (also on auto it goews to epic)
  10. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    A 1080 performs much better then a 1060 3GB, some newer games have memory issues with smaller cards like the 1060 3GB so you can't crank up settings as high
  11. hirbod2568

    hirbod2568 New Member

    I am using EVGA 1080 FTW2. it is awesome. Never hot, Evga precision app for overclock system and fan curve, rainbow lightening and ...
  12. deltaminds

    deltaminds New Member

    On which games and which game settings do you get 144 fps?
  13. I_Smash_keyboard

    I_Smash_keyboard New Member

    i have a asus 1050 4gb dual fan graphics card but i dont play fortnite
  14. HunterX405

    HunterX405 New Member

    I have a Gigabyte GeForce 1050 Ti and it runs on 144FPS in Fortnite.
  15. KTheory

    KTheory New Member

    gtx 1070 FE, everything set to high, I get 135 fps (i5 7500)
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