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Discussion in 'Audio' started by KnightRider3x, Oct 22, 2018.

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  1. KnightRider3x

    KnightRider3x New Member

    So I've been using the Blackshark almost ever since they came out, I've had 1 go bad on me, and got it refunded, and it has lasted me many years of daily use.
    Out of so many headphones I've tried in the stores, and what my friends use. I simply can't find a replacement.
    The things that I love about the blackshark is, how comfortable they are, and the supperior noice-canceling.
    It has exellent audio quality, and a very deep bass, which I endorse. It feels like a premium headset imo.

    But after I had spend money on new earcuffs the jack is no good sadly.

    I am unable to find ANY Blackshark headphones in my country that sells them.
    And I can't find a replacement.

    All of the earphones I've tried has this annoying cheap plastic feel to it when you wear them, unlike the blackshark.
    I've tried the Tiamatz(?) And it is too clunky, and I do not like the square ear cuffs, aswell as the material of the cuffs.
    All of the Kraken models does not fit my ears very well and I find those to be the worst of the line up imo
    My brother had a pair and did not enjoy them either.

    Any suggestions?
    Must not be USB or wireless!
  2. Wheatventureever808

    Wheatventureever808 New Member

    Razer Kraken pro v2
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