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What headset is your favorite?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Expersonan, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Expersonan

    Expersonan New Member

    The headset I personally prefer is the razer kraken USB. I love the headset so much. The wire is not rubber platic its a nice wire that wont rip or tangle much(depends how you use it)
  2. hybridbreed

    hybridbreed New Member

    I too use the kraken 7.1 chroma and it's all I need great sound and works with my ps4. Very comfortable to can't forget that.
  3. Ziperzap

    Ziperzap Member

    I've got a pair of Logitech G930's. Best gaming headset period for $99 (from Amazon).

    If you don't need to talk to people, or you already have a microphone you should look into a pair of audiophile headphones though.
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  4. Abelthepirate

    Abelthepirate Member

    I'm very happy with my Kraken Forged Edition the build quality is amazing the sound is great! $300 is a bit pricy for anything but if you get a deal on them that's even better I got them for $150!
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  5. Cheex

    Cheex New Member

    Got a pair of beyerdynamic DT-770 pro's for studio use and stand alone mic but rather just use my KRK speakers. Headphones always start to irritate me :slightly_sad:
  6. richy877

    richy877 Active Member

    Yes, audiophile headphones sound amazing and I tried a few I few like Grado, and sennheiser. The amount of detail that can be heard from music instruments and vocals is incredible. I'm saving up right now to buy a pair audiophile headphones and a razer seiren for a mic. The downside is you dont get a mic built in which is nice if you game on laptop and travel around. I talked to some people that have audiophile headsets for music and movies at home. Then they purchase a headset for use on the go like gaming at the library or a small lan party in a dorm room.
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  7. raptor7279

    raptor7279 Member

    definitely the Kraken 7.1 Chroma! :)
  8. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    Grab the V-MODA M80 for $90 and then a splitter to use the mic on your computer. Excellent sound quality that no gaming headset will match. They also make a boom mic and splittle bundle available for $30. That's what I am doing and I get better sound and mic than any headset I've tried.
  9. OhHeyItsBecky

    OhHeyItsBecky Active Member

    I've been using the Kraken Pro since Sept of 2013 and love it. I haven't had any issues with it at all. It's sounds great, is super comfortable, and affordable.
  10. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    Kraken Pro!!!!!!
  11. SilverRonald

    SilverRonald New Member

    My Razer Kraken 7.1 calls for both comfort and great audio quality. But when I go out, of course the USB doesnt fit in my phone. I usually use my old Electra which still works wonders or my Blackshark BF4 when I go out
  12. Ghost2688

    Ghost2688 Member

    I use my Adaro DJ for everything... shout out for that insider sale
  13. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    My 7.1 Chromas work wonders, and I have tried a plethora of headsets. Including some Seinnheisers, and I honestly think they sound just as good. They are phenomenal, and you can't forget the wonderful chroma aspect either :blush:
  14. ex90ranger

    ex90ranger New Member

    my fav headset I have personally owned was my old Plantronics gamecom 780. great audio for the price and a top notch mic for level, direction and range. I did have to put a pop filter on it however to kill the sound of breathing on it. the problem with that headset was after 2 years the head band had stretched out and caused the speaker pods to ride really low on my head and rest on the top of my ears. I replaced them with my Tiamat 2.2. the speakers are pretty good, again for the price. and I really have liked the head band and the overall construction. but the mic is pretty much terrible for level and direction. the reproduction range isn't bad, a little better than the one of my 780, but I have resorted to hooking it up to an external mixer to get any kind of level out of it and for setting the EQ before it gets into my computer. I have a $700 sennheiser at work that I absolutely love, but the mic requires phantom power. so it wouldn't work well for a home computer headset.
  15. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    Kraken Pro :heart:
  16. Nyenna

    Nyenna Member

    Honestly, my favorite one is a wireless sennheiser I bought of sale somewhere. Now, it's not my favourite because of sound quality, but it is the only headphone I have ever worn, that doesn't get heavy after having it on my head all day. And the best is, I can just keep it on wherever I go. All other headphones I have worn get heavy, or too clampy on my head, and comfort is more important for me than sound quality. Got music everywhere I go in the house. If I want to game, or talk, I switch to other headphones with a mic. Haven't found this comfort in any other headphone so far.
  17. Ziperzap

    Ziperzap Member

    I can't personally attest to this, but I wouldn't recommend getting the Seiren. Purely because this is Razer's first step into the recording world, and you could more than likely find a better, cheaper microphone from companies who have been doing this for years. Like Audio-Technica or Sennheiser. Just make sure that you buy a USB microphone, because most microphones have XLR outputs. so unless you have a spare audio interface lyin' around, get a USB microphone.
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  18. AwesomeNinja

    AwesomeNinja Member

    I've had my Astro A40s since 2008ish and it has been my best purchase so far. So much so that I recently upgraded to the newer A40s for Xbone. The M80 adapter it comes with is very very nice. I keep my old A40s at work now and my mixamp at home for when I need to use another console or my pc.
  19. monito666667

    monito666667 Member

    I just love my Tiamat 7.1...headset is really nice, no problem to use it for hours, the module to plugin a home theater is really useful. Sound is great of course...I'm really happy. I had a G35 from Logitech but I would never bought Logitech gear anymore...
  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've always really liked my Hammerhead Pro when I've used it with my laptop in the past, but recently I received a Tiamat 7.1 and I'm absolutely in love. I wouldn't trade it for anything at this point. :) (though, I am pondering a sound card upgrade to go with it - only because while it sounds amazing, I can't help but wonder if I could still do better than my on board)
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