What I want in the Razer Blade Pro 2018/2019

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rawdy, Jun 14, 2018 at 3:11 PM.

  1. Rawdy

    Rawdy New Member

    Ok so razer recently refreshed their mid range blade.
    They could refresh their pro line too

    So list start.

    1.dual 1080 SLI
    This Could mean that we could actually do 4k60 Max Settings or 1440p144 max settings

    2. a 1440p144hz G-Sync HDR Display
    This would be good considering we could experience HDR on gaming laptops for the first time

    3.A laptop Mechanical keyboard.
    This could be good considering other companies have done it.

    4. An 8th gen i9 processor
    This would make the laptop bulkier but more appealing to professionals

    5.Quad Raid 0
    This would equal blazing fast read/right speeds

    6.Killer Wifi
    This could be overpowered with really low ping.

    7. High precision trackpad
    This could work

    This would be perfect for those who want to draw on profesional art programs such as adobe photoshop

    9.Watercooling dock(optional)
    This wont happen but it would allow for high overclocking when docked

    10.triple monitor accessory(optional)
    This would allow project valerie to be real(sort of) and would allow for high productivity.

    That was my list I hope you enjoyed

    Comment what you want in the comments below.
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  2. quas0r

    quas0r New Member

    1080 SLI doesnt make sense. Infact a lot of your point sound like a fantasy.
    1. Just a full 1070 / 1080 MQ GPU, wide variety of display options like 1080p 60Hz/ 1080p 144Hz/ 1440p 120Hz/ 4k 60Hz should do.
    2. 8850H CPU default and i9 8950HK option as option
    3. 32GB RAM out of the box with 64GB RAM support
    4. 512GB M.2 NVMe out of the box and option for 2TB with two M.2 slots available
    5. 99WH battery is a MUST, with a substantial adapter in the range of 300W. No BS adapter like 2016 model that cannot drive the laptop at higher loads.
    6. The cooling option on blade 15 was already such a good improvement over last year model. But as Lisa has pointed out in her review, please a better one that doean't get hot in the battery section. None of us want a swollen battery or a hot palmrest area.
    7. People opting for a 17inch are anyway ready for a laptop with good heft. So better make the laptop a lil thicker with better thermals.
    8. Your display was phenomenal on the blade 15 this year anyway. Just add a 1440p option too with maybe 120HZ? and yeah, around a 350-400 nits brightness? And oh yeah! Pls keep the bezel thickness to 5mm-7mm. Blade 15 was crispy!
    9. Your improved touchpad too was lovely on the blade 15. Just the same size touchpad on the right.[Just my preference]

    A lot of us here are really loyal fans even though there were some less stellar and not the best Quality controlled devices from the past. If blade 15 was any indication, you have started hearing and taking the fans suggestion clearly.

    Thats all we need. No gimmicks, just a well grounded laptop like your blade 15, just bigger and better. The design dept is already great! Just the thermal needs some work. Thanks for hearing out and improving the blade 15. Just expect the same in Blade pro.
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  3. ricstar

    ricstar New Member

    first one sounds like fantasy, but the second one sounds doable.
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Did you mean 8850H cpu? No, it’s quite possible imo, since it has better cooling than i9 8950HK, and Aorus just released new x7 v8, 17inch gaming Laptop with gtx 1080 with 3,2kg weigt, but with only 1080p screen option even 144Hz and g sync panel and Razer has opportunity to make a 4K or 1440p Panel for better gaming experience and keep marketing thinnest gtx1080 gaming Laptop.
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  5. quas0r

    quas0r New Member

    Yup. Aorus has that and does a much better job than Razer in thermal because it has better room to breathe. The fantasy was because of dual 1080 SLI, water cooling etc.
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  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    That’s true, and I’m agree with 1080 SLI and water cooling, it’s also against Razer Blade in term portability marketing. They will be better concentrating on cooling and ac adapter to improve from last gen top pro model issue.
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