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What is everyone's favorite Razer product?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luke Peters, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. Luke Peters_no_id

    Luke Peters_no_id New Member

    I got the Naga a few weeks back to finish what I needed and it's the best mouse all around, no matter what game I play.
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  2. Andhoth

    Andhoth New Member

    I would definitely say my Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard. [click click click]
  3. StateUnknown

    StateUnknown New Member

    Deathadder for sure
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  4. vorloc

    vorloc New Member

  5. Ashten

    Ashten New Member

    I love my BlackWidow Chroma :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  6. DarkSuiyoken

    DarkSuiyoken New Member

    The now out of production white razor mouse.
  7. Silentkhaos

    Silentkhaos New Member

    Ive had a naga for 4 years an love it
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  8. My favorite would have to be my Blackwidow Chroma.
  9. Phuturist

    Phuturist New Member

    Love my Naga Epic! Best mouse ever! :D
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  10. I have a Naga, a Blackwidow and a Vespula and I love and enjoy them a lot,!!!!!!! :)
  11. jerryxpxp

    jerryxpxp New Member

    The abyssus is mine :DD
  12. WhiteSmokeautovine185

    WhiteSmokeautovine185 Active Member

    I have a Razer Naga Molten Edition. Definitely my favorite Razer product that I own.
  13. Neight

    Neight New Member

    My Goliathus extended mouse mat.
  14. rycmurray

    rycmurray New Member

    The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. Best keyboard ever!
  15. buzzdataHeatWave581

    buzzdataHeatWave581 New Member

    The Naga mice with synapse
  16. I really love the 2014 Blackwidow Stealth. Nice new keys
  17. Thefear96

    Thefear96 New Member

    My favourite is razer deathadder so special, fantastic and reliable mouse
  18. Gmacro89

    Gmacro89 New Member

    I have had the Lachesis (Mouse) Lycosa (Keyboard), and The Tron mouse, which I upgraded the Deathstalker, Nostromo, and the wireless Mamba. I have the Razer Blade Pro 2013 and so far I have found my favorite product has has to be the deathstalker's and blade's switch blade. It has its problems on my laptop, but the deathstalker works without failing everytime. I do wish there were more apps but it is still my favorite.
  19. vexter

    vexter New Member

    I love my Orochi... thinking about a chroma keyboard, but I'm waiting to see about the API/SDK.
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  20. chemp43

    chemp43 New Member

    I love my Tiapan mouse and my BlackWidow Ultimate, I've put in so many hours on those and haven't had a single thing go wrong.
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