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What is the Future of USB Type C for RAZER?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by powerhouse_pr, Sep 15, 2019.

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  1. powerhouse_pr

    powerhouse_pr New Member

    Hi, hope you are doing great

    I have been wondering for the past years what is the future for Razer and USB C...

    Its 2019 and a lot of brands are FINALLY moving to USB C and giving it the recognition it deserves. I read recently that Sony’s PS5 and the Next Xbox will move to USB C. The New Xbox Elite controller will also be USB C. Dell already added 2 USB C ports to their XPS laptops and more are coming soon.

    Apple already stepped way ahead on this so anyone who owns a Macbook Pro like me has already moved on with USB C. To which i must say is soooooo much better in every way.

    I have been wanting to buy a Razerblade for sometime now and i was just waiting for the Razer Blade 15” Gun Metal color like the Stealth. So you guys decided to go with Silver and white keys..... which is a pass for me. But the second thing i have been waiting for is for Razer to incorporate more USB C ports to their Razer line up.

    I already have USB C to HDMI and USB C to Micro cables so i really dont care about HDMI ports and USB A ports anymore. But the Razer Blades of 2019 dont seem to be moving forward with USB-C and that’s really holding me back from making a purchased.

    I really hope 2020 shines a light on this so i can finally make the purchase i’ve been looking for since 2017....... even if its sadly the Mate Black finger print magnet option :/

  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Razer add extra usb C on Blade Pro and stealth exchanging the hdmi port, I’m hoping though in the future both would be supported tb3 like MacBook, they’re going on the right direction imo. Though I still like usb A because there’re still a lot usb A pheriperals out there and I don’t want bringing too much dongles.
  3. powerhouse_pr

    powerhouse_pr New Member

    That was actually my thoughts before getting the Vega 20 Macbook pro.

    But then i realize there is no reason to have dongles around. I swapped all my USB A cables for USB C cables. Also every New thing i bought, Headphones, keyboards, Wireless headphones, Controllers, etc.... All of them i get with USB C and i just future proof myself.

    I do not use any type of dongles, i only have a small $5 USB A to Type C adapter from Amazon for emergencies with old peripherals and thats it.

    Best decision i’ve ever made to the point that i don’t buy anything that doesn’t support USB type C anymore. Considering game consoles are moving forward with it, it solidifies my stand on it.
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