What is your all time favourite game?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Deivis304, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. IncLoL

    IncLoL New Member

    League of Legends
    you always come back to it no matter how much it drains your life.
  2. For me The Walking Dead the game, season 2 takes the prize :) Great gameplay, and great storyline

    BLOODYSW3D3 New Member

    Battlefront 2.

    It was my introduction to the shooter genre and is still to date my favorite game, helped by the fact that i love Star Wars.

    Let's just hope that DICE doesn't mess up Battlefront 3
  4. SpiderRobotMan

    SpiderRobotMan New Member

    People may hate on me, but i'm going to have to say Minecraft since it is one of the first games that i played for a long time and really enjoyed. I like sandbox games where i can make and do what i want, i do like some quest type games but i find myself getting bored playing those.
  5. TheOnlyJuanHere

    TheOnlyJuanHere New Member

    I'd have to throw it to persona 4. While the turn based combat isn't my preferred combat type, the story and character development was something I very much enjoyed. Though I've bounced back and forth. Persona 3 was also good, I love the Corpse Party games, tbh I like a ton of JRPG.
  6. GeneralStreet

    GeneralStreet New Member

    The Halo franchise is definitely my favorite. I wish they would start releasing the new games on PC but I don't think it will ever happen.
  7. Kidan

    Kidan New Member

    I can't limit it to one game so I'll say a few of them.
    I love the smash franchise, LoZ, Golden Sun, and Pokemon franchise.
  8. vaibhavsoni22

    vaibhavsoni22 New Member

    Diablo 2 and
    Black on PS2
  9. EternalReturn

    EternalReturn New Member

    Heroes of might and magic 3!!!!
  10. Ownin

    Ownin New Member

    FFXIV ARR. They've done a pretty good job compared from the last iteration of the game.

    Also Ragnarok Online (RO2 feels like they just jammed it together to have a game.)
  11. Ginoske

    Ginoske New Member

    For me, I would have to say the Metal Gear Solid series. If I had to choose one MGS4.
  12. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Star Wars the Old Republic :D .

    Probably because im a huge star wars fan
  13. For me, probably League of Legends. It's the only game that I've played for more than a year, I started playing since season one now it's in season 5 and I still continue to play and pay for skins. =D
  14. JackXD

    JackXD New Member

    This moment my favourite videogame is Far Cry 4 for PC
    It's very beautiful!!! =D
  15. rootdir

    rootdir New Member

    Skyrim was a pretty awesome experience to work your way though. Helped that I was unemployed at the time and basically spent 2 months with it every day. While Mass Effect 2 had a few faults it cemented my love of the franchise
  16. I'd have to say the Halo series is definitely my favorite series. While my favorite games are; Tribes 2, Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun.
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  17. White_Rice

    White_Rice New Member

    Favorite game EVER? Of ALL TIME?

    Chrono Trigger.

    I still have my SNES copy (as well as the PS1 version...and it's on my phone) I honestly can't count the number of times I've played through that game, though I'd have to venture 13-15 times per copy (had to get each ending on each version, it's just wrong otherwise)

    The music, the play style, the effects (man, those graphics were unbelievable when the game first came out) the story...the only thing about the game that irked me was the lack of a proper sequel (yeah, Chrono Cross has a lot of references, but there's such a disconnect that it doesn't feel like it's actually a sequel, plus there are some things you don't get unless you specifically play the DS or iOS version of Chrono Trigger)

    Not my first game by a long shot, but still has yet to be dethroned as my #1.
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  18. ElijahH

    ElijahH New Member

    My alltime favorite game is borderalnds 2. It is the perfected sequal to the first game that is so much fun to play alone or with friends.
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  19. bpatrick

    bpatrick New Member

    Skyrim it was so addicting
  20. braunie

    braunie New Member

    I prefer a game like Tf2 :cool:
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