What Is Your "Comfort Game"

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by kajira, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. SkyeTrancy04

    SkyeTrancy04 New Member

    My comfort game would be Rust. It's an easy game and relaxes me after playing CSGO for hours. Sometimes I play Minecraft,Gmod and Assassin's Creed. Those games relaxes me after a hard game on CSGO.
  2. korplasse

    korplasse New Member

    Im the Minecraft and gta V guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. Smithy5995

    Smithy5995 Member

    If this was a few years back I would of said WoW. Now I honestly prefer Minecraft with mods. I used to spend a lot of time on Tekkit, however now I'm using the Yogscast Complete Pack.
  4. Phenrix

    Phenrix New Member

    My brother plays The Legend of Dragoon on his ps2, I tend to just play whatever. I play wow so IDK if that counts as comfort half the time lol.
  5. xExcel

    xExcel New Member

    League of Legends.
  6. systemcode

    systemcode New Member

  7. berry96

    berry96 New Member

    My current comfort game is Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    Only cruising around Europe is relaxing. :)
  8. Vedranius

    Vedranius New Member

    Dungeons and Dragons Online, Battlefield franchise, GW2...
    But ye, with DDO I can have all that fun that you have in normal D&D.
  9. Waksack

    Waksack New Member

    For me it's League of Legends, but only if I have a couple of friends to play with. It wasn't always like this but after 3000+ games it happens. But singleplayer would be The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.
  10. mouse18

    mouse18 Member

    World of Warcraft, its one of those games that (if it still exists) i see myself playing for the rest of my life. Occasionally i will get bored, cancel my sub for a month or two then come back.

    Years have already been poured in (831 days to be exact), i dont see myself getting rid of it any time soon
  11. SinWolf

    SinWolf New Member

    I'm gonna have to say Spiral Knights if anyone knows what game that is because it's calming and not to loud.
  12. kimjongthrill

    kimjongthrill New Member

    Mostly Super Hexagon for me or binding of isaac
  13. Dasadorah

    Dasadorah Member

    Love this thread topic! My comfort game is always Tower Defense games!!
  14. Any of the Total War series (the older the less micromanaging you need to worry about) or Mount and Blade Warband. Both should come with a warning that your 30 minute gaming break session can easily turn into a "it is 6 AM and I am still gaming, work today is going to be rough" experience.
  15. RoPoKing

    RoPoKing New Member

    For me it would have to be Smite. Even though it is competitive and can be hard playing with people that live off BM, playing with a team that actually works makes it worthwhile.
  16. Clamden1

    Clamden1 New Member

    Any Borderlands game.
  17. Kaimei

    Kaimei New Member

    Dota 2 All the way...
    Tried many other games over the years, but nothings has stuck as much as DotA has..
    Its been a good 7 years since I started and never looked back..
  18. Master7JOB7

    Master7JOB7 New Member

    Right now its Lethal League. I first found out about it from some friends. Since then I have also seen a bunch of Dota 2 streamers play it as well, which is cool to see.
  19. rootdir

    rootdir New Member

    Far Cry 3-4, nothing like driving around and mowing down things in a vehicle to Zen you out.

    Okay that and Flower on PS4. Seriously. Don't hate appreciate.
  20. Rustle

    Rustle New Member

    My comfort game is anything casual and cooperative I can play with my friends, just being able hang out and not have to stress about anything.
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