What keeps bad guy out, a good door or a good lock ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by geoViridianstory853, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. geoViridianstory853

    geoViridianstory853 New Member

    Opinion A: A strong thick door is the key I believe. When you have a thin and weak easy broken door, whatever lock you might use is meaningless.

    Opinion B: Have you ever heard a theft break into a house by breaking the door ? Never, I suppose. So the lock is the real import for home protection."

    Experts' Opinion: Actually, both are key important. More exactly, the thickness of a metal frame door and a high grade lock cylinder with anti-broken protection will keep your house safe. The theft either try to unlock your lock, or try to broken the lock, so lock cylinder and its protection is extreamly important. Don't buy lock that too cheap. (This useful advice is from Tom of Osoel Lock )
  2. LividONYXpulse428

    LividONYXpulse428 New Member

    Keys and locks are objects created by human beings for a specific purpose. Penises and vaginas are not. Evolution does not design anything, it doesn’t have intents and purposes for things. Our sexual organs formed because they were simply what worked the best for procreation, that’s it. There is no idea of the penis being meant to fit inside many vaginas, while the vagina is meant to have only one penis inside it. Bluestacks TextNow Photomath
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