What kind of smartphone do you own??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by WhackyPanos, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Aeithus

    Aeithus New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, but will replace it near the end of this year hopefully with a Sony Xperia. Or the Ara phone. I only play Brave Frontier on it, and that's only if I'm out. If I'm not I'll play on my tablet.
  2. NetFreak

    NetFreak New Member

    I've got a Galaxy Note 4 and I play Clash of Clans on it.
  3. darren486

    darren486 Member

    One plus one, running on cm12 official nightlies
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  4. parkeasyDimGray895

    parkeasyDimGray895 New Member

    I own a OnePlus One, many have not heard of it but its a great phone for a cheap price, only 300$ Unlocked.

    It runs Cyogen Mod 11/12 and works like a charm, faster than the Samsung S5 too.
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  5. Tideee

    Tideee New Member

    Proud user of the Oneplus one. Running stock cm11s with Franco kernel. Switching to cm11 nightlies tomorrow. Kingdom rush and homam 3 are my games.
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  6. isabel09

    isabel09 Active Member

    Iphone 6 :)
  7. spencelele

    spencelele Member

    I have an S4 and I love it, although after almost 2 years my battery garbage.

    I really want this Nokia for the camera... omg... perfection.
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  8. tjeppies

    tjeppies New Member

    Iphone 6 plus ios8. Dont play any games because most multiplayer games dont work good.(i love multiplayer games*)
  9. tjeppies

    tjeppies New Member

    One more thing i have to say about the iphone 6 plus.... The battery is brilliant.!!! last 2 a 3 days easilly
  10. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    Samsung Galaxy S4. Got it about a year and a half ago near its release and have been pretty happy with it. Only downside is internal memory is kind of small for the bigger game installs.
  11. MalicoreV

    MalicoreV New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Nothing too fancy but I love how easy it is to use. I would not trade it for anything with a smaller screen or without a stylus!
  12. Rurijou

    Rurijou New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge, loving it so far. Though I'm afraid of a drop at a weird angle that might destroy the edge screen ;-; lol. Can't wait for Samsung to release more apps for it.
  13. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    How's the nightlies? I own a OnePlus as well and I absolutely love it. Thinking about running the nightlies as well, but cautious. I'd probable only trade this phone for a nexus 6.
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  14. samsung galaxy s3

    temple run
    tribal wars ( stoped playing cuz im bored )
  15. Paopawdecarabao

    Paopawdecarabao New Member

    Samsung Galaxy note 2
  16. Ryruzu

    Ryruzu New Member

    Oneplus One 64GB Sandstone Black running Cyanogenmod :D
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  17. Kaimei

    Kaimei New Member

    LG Google Nexus 4 !!
    Running Stock Lollipop Rooted !!
    Occasional Gameing i suppose Ashpalt and Riptide
  18. HRTheJoey

    HRTheJoey New Member

    OnePlus One, CM11S and Nexus 5 running NetHunter to break things. I mobile game on my Android TV because controller and big screen.
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  19. ethie

    ethie New Member

    Got the iPhone 5s. Never play games on it - I just have lost interest in phone games
  20. ex90ranger

    ex90ranger New Member

    Blackberry bold 9900 for my personal phone. but my work phone is an iphone 5s
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