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What kind of USB does The Razer Cynosa v2 use

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by MrEggMan12, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. MrEggMan12

    MrEggMan12 New Member

    I was going to buy it but I did not know which USB it uses because I don't know if it is compatible please tell me so I don't buy it and can't use It.
  2. I am pretty sure that it uses 2.0 USB-A, and as far as I know most of the razer products use the same USB, but if a razer product uses usb-c or something else I am pretty sure that whether it be small, medium, and/or large print if it uses something other than USB-A RAZER will have it stated in the directions and the quick start guide if they gave one!
  3. MrEggMan12

    MrEggMan12 New Member

    Ok thanks because I'm going to buy it for myself on Christmas because I should be getting a new pc on Christmas so I'm buying some new peripherals for it
  4. MrEggMan12

    MrEggMan12 New Member

    And also I don't have much money so I sorted it by low to high and I just chose it
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