What mouse do you use ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by G_oakes, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. Razer Naga MMOG :heart:
  2. aeroCITRINE198

    aeroCITRINE198 New Member

    naga epic chroma...obviously
  3. ThnQx

    ThnQx New Member

    Gaming desktop: Razer Ouroboros
    Work desktop: Razer Mamba
    Laptop 1: Razer Taipan
    Laptop 2: Razer Orochi

    Those are all the ones still in use, all the previous ones are still lying around in case of failure :)
  4. demiise

    demiise Member

    Currently using a Corsair M60. Originally brough because I liked the idea of the dedicated sniper button. In reality... I can count on one hand the amount of times I've used it!!

    Thinking of switching over to the Deathadder Chroma howver...
  5. Been using Mamba since 2012, no problems with it what so ever
  6. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    I currently have the oroboros. My thoughts on it:
    I bought this as a razer faithful buyer mainly because it was wireless and seemed shaped well for my hand. A few things I use this mouse 95% for MMO gaming and the occasional shooter. I have localized arthritis from limes disease in my hands despite being only 42. I am a life time gamer and have owned 17 gaming grade mice that I remember. I have a habit of smacking my mouse with nerd rage occasionally. My hands are smallish 8.25” thumb to picky full extension, 7” from bottom of thumb to top of middle finger, Pointer finger is 2.5 inches and middle finger is 3 inches. These measurements will come into play later and when your paying 130+ for a mouse you want it to be perfect.
    Ok with the baseline out of the way:
    1- Typically gorgeous razer design.
    2- Well built. Has handled several hard smacks with little side effects
    3- Works well with razer synapse.
    4- Comfortable to use for extended periods of time
    5- Great lighting.
    6- Faster response time than I am capable of using. I have mine set at 1800 dpi
    1-It is a HAIR to long for me. Less than a quarter inch to be sure but just enough where it is not a flawless fit. My hands are not tiny but not large either.
    2-Wireless mode is VERY finicky when plugged into any usb port other than the primary motherboard ports. I.e. an expansion card or a hub.
    3-The mounting hub is hard to engage and frequently has to be reseated to ensure perfect charging. The mount needs work design wise. Many times ive come back from doing something else and seen the mouse blinking telling me that it isn’t charging properly. I eventually gave up and use it corded now. For this reason and reason 2.
    Overall I love the mouse but will change when I finish my other project.
  7. Just a simple Razer Abyssus 2014 but it is just for me. Lightweight and ergonomic. It is a USB mouse.
  8. Deathadder 2014. So far so good.
  9. fabiokawai

    fabiokawai Active Member

    Ouroboros for my desktop, and Mamba for my laptop
  10. XannMagus

    XannMagus New Member

    I had the 2012 Naga but now I have the 2014 one. I love it =)
  11. RoPoKing

    RoPoKing New Member

    Used a Roccat before switching to the Naga Epic Chroma.
  12. ehtoanokuso

    ehtoanokuso New Member

    First great mouse was a razer copperhead way back in the day. I moved to logitech for the variable weights but got a mamba on sale which died in a year. Bitter, I went to logitech and steelseries but i had an orochi i used on the go. Now I'm on the deathadder chroma because i'm a sucker for changing LEDs. :heart:
  13. Dynasty1K

    Dynasty1K New Member

    Razer Deathadder first gen. Still works perfectly. I want the Chroma.
  14. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Started out with a Razer Naga Epic (the older model). Didn't get used to the numbers at the side as I kept accidentally clicking the buttons. Guess its due to claw grip. But got used to it after awhile. Handy for MOBA games too once you get used to where the number buttons are.
    Then got a Mamba for comfort for long use on the comp. Nice rubber pads on the side.

    Wonder if there's an Ouroboros Chroma coming out. Will look awesome.
  15. Nocathegoat

    Nocathegoat Member

    Easy question, if you play fps: Taipan or Deathadder, MMO/RPG: Naga
  16. Rebelexile

    Rebelexile New Member

    Naga for the past couple of years and wouldn't look beyond it :)
  17. spliffSTAR

    spliffSTAR Active Member

    just got my deathadder chroma its replacing an old microsoft optical but that things been a tank and solid performer for a decade have tried some logitechs but always went back to ms the deathadder thoughs speed and smoothness and feel has been great
  18. akoureutos

    akoureutos New Member

    Deathadder is on the way
  19. PandaCrafter2

    PandaCrafter2 Member

    Deathadder 3.5G
  20. nintenshi

    nintenshi Member

    i use razer Taipan for desktop and orochi for my laptop
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