What Music Do You Listen to While Gaming

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by CobraDirector, Oct 31, 2014.

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  1. killergoalie

    killergoalie New Member

    I usually listen to Giantbombcast unless I need to actually pay attention to what i'm doing then it's usally just Foo Fighters or Netflix - Scrubs or Topgear.
  2. iMaiz

    iMaiz New Member

    random stuff in Spotify radio....
  3. Little bit of everything...
  4. Spector1

    Spector1 New Member

    Techno or trance but it depends on the game and what I need to hear. Google music FTW
  5. also depends we playing lol or cs
  6. tinywatermelon

    tinywatermelon New Member

    Justin belieber dubstep remix or anything edm related.
  7. Riceman1234

    Riceman1234 New Member

    Unlike most of the gamers in here, i like to jam out to some 90s, 80s, or country 0.o i know its weird but it gets me in a good mood for 2's
  8. ArcticBlade

    ArcticBlade New Member

    I never listen to music while playing. It always affects my concentration.
  9. Kychiii

    Kychiii New Member

    ehhhh Monstercat. Any genre works
  10. tiffanybtht

    tiffanybtht New Member

    Mostly listen to my ipod. I am a fan of edm. Sometimes I do listen to games music too but only racing games.
  11. quickFaluRedhome038

    quickFaluRedhome038 New Member

    I listen to music only during very few games: the ones I've played a lot before where I've already heard all the soundtrack's got or don't like it. For example, in MMOs which I've played for a long time, I might mute the background music, turn the sound down a bit and play some electronica like Daft Punk, Justice or Deadmau5.
  12. ItsBagelTime

    ItsBagelTime New Member

    Usually nothing. I like to focus on the game and talk to whoever happens to be in my party.
  13. PhoisGoood

    PhoisGoood New Member

    I started listening to Killer Instinct OST lately since Fulgores theme is badass!
  14. ooJeRoo

    ooJeRoo New Member

    I listen whatever music my GF wants as long as she leaves me alone to game =D haha
  15. LordNature

    LordNature New Member

    Spotify with EDM or etc. I have a premium membership, so :rolleyes:

    STALKGAMING New Member

    dub or screamo
  17. Beexel

    Beexel New Member

    When playing casually, I liked to listen to some Bling 182
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