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What should I do with my zsilver?

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by MS_OLDHORSE, Feb 9, 2018.

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    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! The P2P is going to end soon. I calculated how much zsilver i can earn and get a number of 110k which is the total number of zsilver i will get at march.
    What should I do with these zsilver? Because I was aiming for the kraken 7.1 headset.
    Should I redeem a cynosa chroma keyboard instead or keep the zsilver and hope for miracle?
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    They are still going to be refreshing rewards and such for the coming months, just take a peak at the February notice on the ZVault site. I would say wait it out and see if prices drop a bit, and if you never redeemed anything by the 31st of October (When Rewards start expiring, or whenever you started the program after that), take a peak what you can redeem and decide.
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  3. cqy97810

    cqy97810 New Member

    30k to go for Cynosa Chroma after 28Feb :slightly_sad: ...
  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    What you choose to redeem is entirely up to you. However, please do keep in mind that you will still be able to earn zSilver in other ways outside of the P2P program. The catalog to redeem items, the vouchers and the rest of the zVault will all still be in place and functioning as normal. The only thing being suspended is the P2P program.
  5. catpawerr

    catpawerr Member

    yea I'm saving my zsilver for last moment and they will be adding more ways to earn zsilver

    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    Ya, but the p2p program is the most efficient way to earn zsilver since it expire every year....:frown_:
    Hope can hear good news from you guys:smile_:

    but till now they still havent refresh the February catalog, and i afraid the price will rise again
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  7. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I thought that by now you would be tired and sick telling more and more players that the services will still be functional buy only p2p will not. I know i would be, but you are a mod and that's quite the thing to do. You have a very good patience and a sens of calm. Let them read the p2p suspending post and see for themselves.
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  8. Theallroundboys

    Theallroundboys New Member

    My recommendation for you is to wait because you aimed for that kraken headset and maybe Razer brings something new to earn zsilver so its worth waiting and be patience maybe we can earn zsilver later this year and you can reedem the headset you want either way just reedem something before they expire.
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    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    hmm, seems be patience is the only good move here
  10. Theallroundboys

    Theallroundboys New Member

    im doing the same thing cuz im close to get the Blackwidows Chroma V2 but i cant get the exact amount tuntil 1 March to redeem it so i think the patience would be the only good move here and hope we can redeem those peripherals soon :wink_:
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I have no inside information on this one and can't say with any certainty one way or the other - however, part of me wonders if perhaps the catalog refresh may come later than usual since the P2P is being suspended. Perhaps they'll do the refreshes a little less often since the primary zSilver earning method is temporarily out of commission. Like I said, don't take that as any kind of fact, just a personal suspicion. :)

    Sometimes I sigh to myself and get tired of it, because I know how easy it is to find the info on their own if they just read ... but, I also want to make sure that as many people as possible know what's going on. If we're not careful then members can start posting things that are slightly inaccurate that are then repeated with even more inaccuracy until it turns into something entirely untrue. So, I try to get as much accurate information out as I can.
    Just think of the little kids who play that game "telephone" where one person starts and whispers to another and then whispers to another and then the last person in line speaks outloud what they heard and they compare it to what the first person whispered... it's never the same thing. LOL
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