What type of LEDs are Razer using in their blackwidow chroma?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by AlecsAndre0501, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. I've taken some time into some forums other than razer and discovered that they aren't using the standard 2 pin LEDs. Can anyone tell me what type of LEDs they are using?
  2. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    The LEDs are RGB, so they would be 4 pin. The below is not the LED they're using but shows how the pins would work.

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    SEAWEEEEDA Active Member

    What about chrome mice such as deathadder chroma? Any idea?
  4. Thanks dude~ Now time to look for replacement switches xD Got any clue as to what switches are compatible?

    I'm not quite sure and I'm not willing to open up my deathadder chroma~ will try to look for a disassembly or teardown video tho~ get back to you as soon as I find one

    Found a video about DA disassembly but it's the non-chroma but they say it's all the same
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  5. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Most RGB LEDs will have 4 pin connectors as described in my last post. I'm not sure why you would need to know the exact LED, but there are many different ones out there.
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  6. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    Also for RGB LED's there are common anode and common cathode types, and they behave differently.
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