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What was the first game you were addicted too

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Riddler508, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. Guild Wars!!!!!!!!!! don't regret it thou... was a great experience.....
  2. GWIncSeiko

    GWIncSeiko New Member

    My first game that I was addicted to was Megaman X, absolutely loved that game when I was only 4
  3. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    Well, there are a few. But I think that the first ever one was BF1942. With both DLCs (Secret Weapons of WWII and Road to Rome). Then there was CoD2. Later came WoW (spent the better part of a summer inside playing World of Warcraft for 7-8 hours a day).
  4. SkyBill40

    SkyBill40 Member

    I'm going to throw one out that perhaps few would even know....

    Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

    PRZSZY New Member

    Counter Strike 1.6
  6. Smokiestprune64

    Smokiestprune64 Active Member

    Definitly pokemon for me
  7. Nocturna

    Nocturna New Member

    The first game that I was really addicted to was Pokemon Red for the Gameboy. I poured my heart and soul into that game. I still have it. ^-^
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  8. I'm going to have to say Final Fantasy VII. I was laid up at home because of an allergic reaction to a bee sting, and a friend of mine had dropped off Final Fantasy VII for me to play. I started playing it, and never realized that I had dumped 12 hours into the game to start with. He had played the game, and beat it, and I remember calling him many times, saying "I'm stuck, help!"

    I still own the game, and the original save files. 17 years, and I"m still trying to max out Knights of the Round materia.
  9. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    Diablo 1 and Fallout, both games made me sit in front of my pc for AGES
  10. jimlitE

    jimlitE Member

    Counter Strike 1.6 when it first came out, couldn't stop playing at all
  11. redchipsss

    redchipsss Member

    Star Control and Lemmings.
  12. Aipaloovik

    Aipaloovik New Member

    The first game that I ever lost track of time (when it matters, job, school, etc) would be Diablo II. Before that it would either be Castlevania 2 or 3. Or Super Metroid. Or Castlevania 4. Take your pick.
  13. EmeraldGemini96

    EmeraldGemini96 New Member

    For me it has to be World of Warcraft.

    I started playing in 2008 and absolutely loved it. Hated the fact you had to pay a subscription but i still enjoy the game. Even today :D
  14. I may be showing my age a little but for home console it woulda been Earthbound. Arcade would have to have been Gauntlet Legends.
  15. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Mine was Dota 2, it's probably addictive
    Sorry For bad english :D
  16. Runescape. It was a good game when I played it back in 2006.
  17. Shortstop25

    Shortstop25 New Member

    Definitely going to have to go with Pokemon Silver...
    Throwing it way back. Fire Emblem and Zelda take a close 2nd and 3rd.
  18. Decode

    Decode New Member

    I played the first Red Alert on hours of hours at the weekends when I was a kid, I think either it was that one or Pokémon Silver I was really addicted to at first, always thinking of them..
  19. icharico

    icharico Member

    Oh that's gotta be runescape. Now im addicted League Of Legends tho, SO MUCH BETTER!!!
  20. rjam466_no_id

    rjam466_no_id New Member

    Hellgate London when it first came out, before the Koreans bought it from Flagship.
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