What was the first game you were addicted too

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Riddler508, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. TheRevo

    TheRevo New Member

    The first game that got me really adicted was LoL. Now i switched to Osu! and i love it. Simplicity is key :D
  2. Crash Bandicoot
  3. Izith

    Izith New Member

    CS 1.6
  4. larslouis

    larslouis New Member

    I remeber damn good playing ours and ours of zelda ocarina of time without even doing anything just roaming around having fun. that game was really a big thing in my life
  5. bytebestTealDeer855

    bytebestTealDeer855 New Member

    Old school 20 years ago on a MUD
  6. arlarc

    arlarc New Member

    The first game I was addicted to was Super Mario on nintendo 64. I loved swimming around the palace. It was my favorite thing to play.
  7. MrDisco

    MrDisco Member

    For me it was a few games..probably Populous is what chewed up a lot of my time early on.
  8. aldoo

    aldoo New Member

    CS 1,6
  9. epicra

    epicra New Member

    I have to say, starting out with a pretty crappy computer didn't help much, but Minecraft got me into PC Gaming
  10. original2k

    original2k Member

    geez, probably Bubble Bobble or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, both on the original NES......yes i'm old lol

    in my teenage years it was SoulCalibur, that makes me feel a little less old :)
  11. OPALPinkventure670

    OPALPinkventure670 New Member

    Tomb raider 1 first edition
  12. Minay

    Minay New Member

    If were not counting handheld devices then i would say CS 1.3
  13. Surrealist

    Surrealist New Member

  14. neamtua

    neamtua New Member

    Little Big Adventure 1 and 2. Used to dream about playing it while at school and couldn't wait to get home to play again.
  15. kat466

    kat466 New Member

    Pokemon Leaf Green, no doubt
  16. lewisbayley13

    lewisbayley13 New Member

    Probably Diablo 2, played it so many times when i was younger.
  17. MacheteITDW

    MacheteITDW New Member

    that would have to be pokemon blue then gold
    they were the first games that i ever played over 100 hours on and got all the best loot in the games
  18. sToox

    sToox New Member

    Hmm, addiction is a really bad thing, but I think WoW was my first real weakness since Shenmue on my Dreamcast :)
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  19. oh man. I totally didn't even think about WoW. the life ruining vanilla and BC WoW addiction was real
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