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What will RΛZΞR pull of this year on April Fools?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dave_Gabriel, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. Dave_Gabriel

    Dave_Gabriel Member

    If yo have any ideas, please comment them.
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  2. Sorakh

    Sorakh New Member

    Well based on the top fans choices of razer product, I believe razer will place the razer toaster at the zsilver redemption and once you reach the final page, it will relink you to the April fool page.:eek_::eek_::eek_::eek_:
  3. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    I was going to mentioned the Razer Toaster, but you got to it before me lol
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  4. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    I think 90% of this forum member will refer to that toaster..... lol
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  5. JungleBeast99

    JungleBeast99 Member

    We want TOASTER ! lol:big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_:
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  6. DrKDR

    DrKDR Active Member

    They'll get rid of the toaster and sell their company to a homeless man.
  7. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    My guess of a RazER april fools prank will have to be something so EPIC that ppl have to jolt and say I REALLY have to buy it or create it as a joke. Here are my guesses

    1. Razer Kite- Razer Arbritor
    2.Razer ultra chroma watch- Razer Timemaster
    3.Razer DJ set since they have a DJ headphone- Razer BassBreaker
    4. Razer Scooter- Razer glide
    and last but not least
    5. A Razer microwave- Project Flame XD
  8. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    Well, only 55 more days to find out. Been waiting since around 10month now
  9. I like the way you think @Sorakh... ;)
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  10. Revolutionary RGB VR headsets targeted for furious toilet gaming. Link it to Synapse to change the color of the toilet water with many effects, like wave and ripple.
  11. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    zVault close :D
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  12. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    Restart of P2P :D
    It would be so mean :) awesome!
  13. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    Razer I want to to create a homage to the Dr. pepper guy that sings Chocolate Rain by making a chroma BROWN laptop for April fools called Razer Chrolaterain XD
  14. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    "We heard your death threats, and we are eager to comply with them! Starting this April 1st, Paid to Play IS BACK! All new features like earn while browsing the Internet and visiting PornHub! zSilver earned now expires in 100 years! All redemption prices are Pay What You Want, and shipping is only 5 zSilver worldwide!
    You voiced your demands, and we're bending over backwards to grant them!"
  15. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    Call Razer like millions of times and switch to something else lol
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