What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Jspartan22

    Jspartan22 New Member

    A steering wheel for racing sims.... F1, Iracing, possibly even console gaming .... there is a real lack of quality wheels for less than 1k and that would be an awesome Razer Accessory
  2. RCruz08

    RCruz08 New Member

    1. develop more apps for SBUI
    2. a 27" monitor
    3. spare parts for all of your peripherals and systems
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  3. Bovfo

    Bovfo Member

    + 1 on this. Croatia in my case... Shipping to here is pricey but I'm not sure Razer can do something about that. So Official Razer Store somewhere around?! ='D

    I'd also like to see Razer partnership with GUNNAR Optiks for some killer gaming styles!

    That PARALEX - Lime is sitting on my nose for far too long without a Razer logo! >_o
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  4. 1) 27" 1440p G Sync monitor (LIke the ROG swift but Razer!)

    2) Project Christine ;)

    3) An SLI Blade with no SBUI

    4) Razer android phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  5. Frankdehtank

    Frankdehtank Active Member

    Would love to see a sexy monitor either one with a crazy high rez or one that's meant for streamers with a small or no bezel (usually using 2 or 3 of them at a time)
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  6. KneeGrowOnDubs

    KneeGrowOnDubs New Member

    Monitors need to have in Both sizes 24 and 28 or above. but i like 28s! Gaming chair would be cool but DX Racing chairs are gonna be hard to beat.

    -My suggestions-
    - Razer Radar Detector - that is on par or out performs The Valentine One.
    - USB 3.0 flash drives/hard drive - not limited in size variants.
    - Xbox One compatible products. Totally wireless headset please?:rolleyes:
    - Xbox One Gaming controller similar to Scuff but with your/Razers magic touch. Programmable would be cool too!
    - A Bad A$$ Razer Router! with real tech support. Maybe even a Docsis 3.0 or what ever is coming next. I know you can get the inside info on that @Min-Liang Tan ;).
    - Razer Floor Mat to go under your desk chair, you know with the spikey/non spikey things for it not to move on carpet & for you chair to roll smoothly.
    - Flawless Full Featured Fully Customization Razer capture card w/ life time Xsplit license.
    - I also like @Jspartan22 Idea as well a Racing wheel would be cool but Pedals as well to go along with it.
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  7. Hmmmm Razer Router, now THAT would be interesting. I'd be wary to buy the first generation of something like that though :3
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  8. KneeGrowOnDubs

    KneeGrowOnDubs New Member

    Id dive right in!!!!! ILL BE THE GUINEA PIG!
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  9. SMiyoshi

    SMiyoshi Member

    Agreed for the Blade for EU !
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  10. S3IJI

    S3IJI Active Member

    Most likely Project Christine (The idea is just phenomenal)

    Second is the expansion of chroma line, eg with Taipan - need a replacement for my over six year old Lachesis (The Naga and DeathAdder are not ambidextrous) + A release date for the Chroma-SDK

    Finally, as already mentioned a few times a stylish (>=)1440p G Sync gaming monitor
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  11. timematoom

    timematoom New Member

    I wanna see razerstore in Thailand, coz the reseller here sell not many thing.
  12. Ovol1

    Ovol1 Active Member

    I think it would be really cool if you made the Goliathus in different colours to match the chroma and kraken pro neon series and if you brought back the old Goliathus with the razer logo on a black background. I just think it looks so much better.

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  13. PrideHeart

    PrideHeart Active Member

    A Razer mask. Every cult needs masks.
    I also think it'd be interesting to have a Razer cellphone as in the most thin gaming cellphone in the world. Next year is probably the year I get a new cell since it's going into the 3rd year.
    What I really want is to see Razer perfect the virtual reality online gaming systems so dream can become reality and I can play VRMMORPGs. It's science fiction but so were airplanes at one point.
  14. iZpawn

    iZpawn Active Member

    What the world desperately needs right now:
    • A better wireless Razer headset specifically made for PC use.
    • Razer Nabu Rev.3
    • More info on Project Christine
    • 27" Razer Monitor with built green LED (Any direction but very faded if placed in front)
    • Razer USB stick?
    • Razer Toilet paper (No offense)
    • Soft Razer mouse mat with built in LEDs
    • Way more collaborations between Razer and hardware companies like with the H440 from NZXT (RAM with green LED, etc)
    • LED lit Razer accessories for your home.
    • Razer Toaster
    • Razer condoms, cause why the hell not.
    But yeah,
    I am all for Gaming monitors, but i would not consider a Razer monitor unless it had Green LED lighting and a reasonable and competitive price point.
    Just don't go full retard with pricing like Apple.

    You may want to suggest something that mortals will also be able to afford.
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  15. AmazinglyDaka

    AmazinglyDaka Member

    1. Retail Nabu Release.
    2. A Razer Monitor.
    3.More info on Project Christine
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  16. Whathelokko

    Whathelokko New Member

    A chair would be awesome. Gamers sit most of the time, a bad chair will cause back problems in the future.
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  17. SuP3rM4nNy

    SuP3rM4nNy Active Member

    1. Xbox One Controller. Been waiting for it to come out.
    2. Nabu Release
    3. Project Christine
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  18. LemonSpider

    LemonSpider Member

    • Monitor
    • Desktop Pc (Project Christine)
    • Razer Computer components
    • Wireless Headset for Pc
  19. AndreNatalius

    AndreNatalius New Member

    Well, I Would like to See Razer, create a Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC on it. And This Request probably Weird, but Can You Guys Ship a Razer product in Razer Store to Indonesia, since you Guys Only Ship to Singapore, and At Least Do a Gaming Competition In Here (Indonesia). But Still, Razer Gaming Monitor would be an Awesome Product.
  20. RunemaBlisk

    RunemaBlisk New Member

    Recording software would be amazing! i don't know if you could do audio and/or video editing software but that would be awesome!
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