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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Can we get a case for the razer phone with some controller style buttons? Would love a razer to feel like I have the razer phone power and Kaiju controller comfort when gaming on the go
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  2. Deervisiontech596

    Deervisiontech596 New Member

    Having both the black and gunmetal stealths' being able to use both chroma key and white backlit key functions. That would make the new quad core gunmetal rbs 100% worth it.
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  3. Razer toast and razer coffee mug for me chroma style
  4. LiverOrganfast845

    LiverOrganfast845 New Member

    A Razer Blade Pro that actually works would be nice. Maybe with a power supply that actually powers the laptop, and vents that actually allow the thing to breathe.
  5. waltervd

    waltervd New Member

    23275745_1680527451998327_6012725605247946590_o.jpg how about a speaker set like this ?

    the lower speakers would sit in front of you between you and your screen
    the higher ones would sit on the left/right of your screen(s)
    the bass could sit anywhere >.>

    i had the idea that the high/low speakers would have a small compartment in the foot where the cable itself comes out of so that people who'd have this on their desk can put any excess cable into the compartments ouo
    for all the people who like to cable manage xD
  6. Quezri

    Quezri New Member

    I think it would be a success for Razer to design products with included memory, that is, a very big problem that we see many people in the products is the software! xd

    Razer Synapse is super easy, intuitive and friendly and downloading it is not a problem, the problem is when you have to close the software or you just do not have it installed on your PC because you go to a lan party or you're going on a trip, which causes lose all your configuration and the effects / profiles become default, disabling a large part of the operation of the product
    There is also the option to use Synapse without entering your email so that the software is easily accessible plug & play type or in this case download & play
    Obviously if you want you can enter your email to save all your settings in the cloud

    And the complaint / suggestion that I make is that in future versions of peripherals include memory to save at least 1 profile, where you can have your macros and custom illuminations

    Also have new models of keyboards, personally I would like to see a design with rgb switches (cherry mx rgb type) but in the razer switches, that is to say that it is a transparent color switch and that the lighting propagates from below and the base of the switch be eye-catching in a floating key format and the cable can be removable in tenkeyless formats
    (As a type of Blackwidow X but with improvements based on the design of cherry mx rgb switches with the configuration of the razer switches)

    And I think it would also be a nice touch to include some special keys for FPS or Mobas along with a keycap puller that do not go badly as a detail to make the experience of unboxing a bit more satisfying

    To summarize this, all the details and possible improvements for the keyboards and peripherals in general, are a compilation of the popular brands that are on the market, such as Corsair, HyperX, Logitech and other brands, this so that in Razer we have an option that offer very interesting and complete features making the Razer peripherals all in one (xd)

    As new products I think there is not too much to look at since we have everything including rgb cup holders haha

    I think we have everything in Razer and really, in my opinion, nothing is needed

    It would only be important to recreate / improve the current products we have and make them better based on the opinion and requests of the community

    Anyway, this is just a personal opinion that is based on comparison of other brands and ideas of friends who also use Razer

    Thank you for reading

    -Tueik xd

    (translated by google translate)
  7. nightzmarez

    nightzmarez New Member

    Probably Razer monitor?
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  8. djguu

    djguu New Member

    What fb page? :eek:
  9. key_c

    key_c New Member

    Maybe something is way tablet for desingers.
    Or you can go extra crazy and for for a table
  10. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

  11. InSaneJeSter

    InSaneJeSter New Member

    Supporting the delivery of prize money to other countries for silver bonuses.
  12. iTzSKR

    iTzSKR New Member

    Phone Stand, dream about chroma phone stand where you can put your Phone and see how it shine ;)
  13. maybe the next version of the base station you could put the usbs on the rear too (cable management issues) and replace the front panel with chroma razer logo , just my opinion , fantastic product either way , keep it up
  14. Razer phone stealth & iPad pro alternative!
  15. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    I'd like to see Razer shares available for gamers to buy, then we can truly be for gamers and by gamers! Since it's now possible to get them on the market it would be nice if razer put some sort of Zgold method out there for us to invest in them :D
  16. An order going though with out having to jump through hoops with the bank and customs would be nice also a better response from customer support then "oh i guess it is check back in 2-3 days."
  17. Bb61012

    Bb61012 New Member

    of course!
  18. jvreyes123

    jvreyes123 New Member

    a monitor please with chroma lights along the edges ala firefly. a monitor would complete the lineup!
  19. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    How about some new chroma effects for the new incoming products? And by that i'd like to say everyone will love their Razer gear to have more lightning effects on their gear. Oh and i recently saw something that i think is great at some other brand mouse, a little display under the left mouse button which alerts you of the state of the mouse ( could work well with the macros of the mouse, or with the lightning color of effect on Razer Chroma), something like under the left mouse button until it reaches the extra buttons area. I'd love to see this implemented, think about it!
  20. ScarletSpeedstr

    ScarletSpeedstr New Member

    VR headsets
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