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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    razer chroma night light or lamp that turns into a disco just like matching razer with hue
  2. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Why does science goes on ?
    Because it's possible.:big_grin_:
  3. homeSalmonfirst676

    homeSalmonfirst676 New Member

    I would like Razer to expand on its mobile gaming products in a way that competes directly with Apple, Microsoft, and Dell all at once.

    Apple innovates in usability, Microsoft innovates in unique design elements, and Dell innovates by providing a balanced experience in battery life and performance. Razer innovates in performance and design, and can continue their brand identity while facing competition.

    I propose Razer begins putting components of the laptop behind the screen. Few other laptops have done this, but one is the Surface Book and many tablet/convertables. If you try balancing your laptop on its screen, it is already surprisingly stable even with the battery appearing under the keyboard. Doing this would provide an advantage in battery life as a 13" chasse would be capable of housing at least a 50% larger battery, and would improve performance as the components could be more efficiently cooled. Vertically orienting the components would work with the way heat rises, expelling hot air out the top of the machine, even with weaker fans. Extra surface area compared to area of the processors would mean more efficient heat sinks. And because more space is freed up below the keyboard, Razer can apply its amazing keyboards to the laptops. I would also like to see both integrated/dedicated graphics, with an intelligent way to switch between the two. This is especially important as low-power mobile computing is moving from smartphones to laptops at an alarming speed. Also, love the trackpads, please keep them and keep them amazing, thanks, they're basically the whole reason I bought a Razer laptop in the first place. Also can we get 90hz on the stealth plz.

    Razer can also improve the 17" line with a new updated refresh, but I would definitely like to see a secondary, underpowered processor/graphics adapter to increase battery life. Battery life is absolutely critical because the reason people choose a 17" machine instead of a simple desktop is most likely the portability. I'm hyped to see what happens to the keyboard, trackpad, and screen (240hz?) in the future. I'm also going to request Razer bump up the possible storage of an HDD + SDD combo to up to 4T, as this laptop would most likely be good for video editing, and 8K footage is becoming more popular.

    Also, double-layered screen technology of a regular LCD with a secondary black and white layer was revealed at CES. It would be amazing if Razer could be among the first to implement this into the laptop. Just an idea.

    Razer already has a lead in sound quality in their laptops, and I would like to see this grow, either in the form of incrementally updated side speakers or a full soundbar along the hinge.

    Also some additional ideas for extra features on a laptop: Amazing webcam, mood lighting RGB rims that reacts to what's on the screen (for playing in a dark room), bring back the glowing logo, stylus on the trackpad for art, customizable keys (single column of 6 buttons down the right hand side), maybe something like Apple's touchbar but more like a HUD for notifications, and for switching between apps more quickly.

    Although Razer has been absolutely nailing the design on every single one of their products, I'd like to see the hints of life and color beneath the industrial design, just so the Razer product line does not become too similar to Microsoft and Apple design, as Razer must stand out. I think Razer has a stronger ecosystem between their products than most companies and should continue this.

    Although I want Razer to do well as a company I can't see them becoming one of the most popular mobile computing brands even if they become the best, because of their status as being a fringe community for people focused on performance. While normal people are being targeted all the time for extra performance, Razer can continue to serve only a niche community while delivering the best products by actually delivering this performance, and remaining ahead of the curve in delivering power with style. (As in, keep the mobile computing products very expensive but make them actually good worth that).
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  4. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    Why would you ? If so, they should have it even more thin bezel and less gamery looking monitor. RGB is fine as long you can turn off, have it a wow display !

    Anyone interest on Razer blade pro refreshed ? am sure am !
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  5. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    Why not have linux versions of your software? Steam boxes never quite took off, but we should still be able to have functional devices on freeware.
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  6. NogarKhaz

    NogarKhaz New Member


    I wold like a new Razer Naga being released. One with Croma. The old one went out of stock.
    My old naga 2014 is going to break soon and the Trinity is has a software bug that is crashing the entire PC.
    So new Razer Naga is Must for the company.

    Loyal cusotmer.
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  7. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    I would like to see new blackwidow TKL V3. No razer logo at the bottom and no ping sound just pure quality. Same design but the fonts change to classic windows CAP fonts with all wording no arrows.
  8. la_familia_xr

    la_familia_xr New Member

    An Analog keyboard or orbweaver (really hoping for the orbweaver update) would love having that level of customization
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  9. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Earing my GPU fan speeding up while Softminer is running, i tough it would be great to have some new fans to increase my case's ariflow.

    And i realised that Razer doesn't have ones.

    So what i'd like to see next from Razer is : Fans.:big_grin_:
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  10. fastspotFlame782

    fastspotFlame782 New Member

    just now steam wallet cant be buy and erro page...new upgrade new problem... old page never get this problem
  11. MaxPowers

    MaxPowers New Member

    I'd like to see you support your own gear. Synapse 3 doesn't support the kraken 7.1 headset, which retails at about 85 bucks by the way. That's too expensive to have you just drop support a month later. Add razer kraken 7.1 support with a full EQ just like synaps2 had. Until then I'm not recommending your brand to anybody, and I won't be buying anything else from you.
  12. Dark-Rider

    Dark-Rider New Member

    What about a stable version of Synaps that actually works with a simple button to "unify" all Chroma devices to 1 single Chroma animation/configuration

    Because, honestly, what a pain it is to have to setup each single chroma device, and still see the mouse losing it configuration as soon as USB is going into sleeping mode or USB cable has a faulty contact ... :mad_:

    - a Project Linda, connected to eGPU :big_grin_:

    - a Raser Core V3 with SILENT FANS, enough space to install massive RTX graphic cards, a place for a 2To SSD drive and a 1000w PSU silent as well of course... :)

    - a Razer Monitor Ultrawide (49" ?), 140hz and curved

    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  13. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    A proper chroma integration(cough cough Doom cough)
  14. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've decided after the newest Jan. 29th 2019 releases for Chinese New Year and Valentine's day that what I really want is a quartz pink Orbweaver with the purple switches used in the Huntsman. That would complete my entire setup in quartz pink and truly make my desk into my dream. [​IMG]
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  15. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    YES! I totally agree with this but with a Gunmetal Grey color option for me. Actually, color options aside, I really just want a brand new Razer Orbweaver or Razer Keypad that both feature mechanical keys and is compatible with Synapse 3.

    Not only are gaming keypads good for MMORPG, they are also very convenient for laptop gamers when on the go. It's about time for a new Orbweaver and hopefully it comes with Opto-Mechanical Switches. I am very interested in buying a new Razer Keypad and can't wait to pair it up with a Razer Blade 15 and Razer Naga.
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  16. BOOMthesniper

    BOOMthesniper New Member

    Razer gaming chairs would be nice.
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  17. pilott.__

    pilott.__ New Member

    I think i would like a razer microphone stand and maybe gaming chairs?

    The best thing that i want in the future from razer would actually be PC parts such as a razer style gpu, or more variety of cases.

    More things that are compatible with razer chroma!
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  18. BOOMthesniper

    BOOMthesniper New Member

    That sounds good I have the razer siren x and it doesn't have a stand I could extend to my liking.
  19. RadioActive528

    RadioActive528 New Member

    When the toaster coming bruh?
  20. SyberChapa

    SyberChapa New Member

    Basilisk v2, with hexagon rubber sides like on mamba elite
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