What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. uncle_farkus

    uncle_farkus New Member

    That is a good thought. Unfortunately I don’t like the Xbox one at all. It’s way too big (and ugly) for what I need and I’m also just not a full on mechanical keyboard kind of guy. The older Turret is interesting. I remember seeing them on the shelves at Best Buy but never bought one. It’s probably a bit old at this point (no chroma haha!) for the price that it sells for. But something in that vein. Basically an alternative to Apple’s Magic keyboard would be nice. Bonus points if it feels like the Blade keyboard so I don’t have to get used to different keyboards all the time lol.
  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I think old Turret feels better like old Blade 14, I personally like the old layout, it’s closer to MacBook keyboard and key stroke I prefer old Blade 14 as well than current 15. I have old non butterfly MBP and it’s nice imo and moved to Blade 14 was easy, Blade 15 felt new and I had to getting used to like a month or two.
  3. 18031990

    18031990 New Member

    I would like to see a Editing software like Final Cut X Pro from Razer :).
    Then I would also be interested into the Razer Blade Studio Edition.
  4. hollyhellareaper

    hollyhellareaper New Member

    i wud like to have the gamecaster back please :) thank you
  5. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    I'm still waiting and hoping for a new Razer Mechanical Keypad, preferably with the Opto-Mechanical Purple switches. Or at least an updated Razer Orbweaver that is compatible with Synapse 3. I'm looking to play Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and/or World of Warcraft: Classic and am really hoping to get a new keypad.

    Otherwise I might end up getting a keypad somewhere else. I might end up buying this one if a new Razer keypad doesn't arrive soon.
  6. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    The only thing that comes to my mind is pc components, but I guess the best way would be to make a partnership, like they do with cases right now
  7. McHammered

    McHammered New Member

    Honestly, with the Razer Phone out there, a smart watch might be a good idea. Maybe a cooperation with another company, like with the cases.

    Aside from that, It's less of question of what Razer makes, and what do I have the budget to buy. After getting the wireless charger, I think I might start budgeting for a Nari Ultimate. Those things look neat enough to try out.
  8. Sr_Vendetta

    Sr_Vendetta New Member

    Razeeer :heart:
  9. ZombieGuy418

    ZombieGuy418 New Member

    I already calle faith this idea, but have the headsets and headset stand remade to support wireless charging just like you can with phones, watches, mouse/mousepad(want this).
    It could easily be done with a slight rework of the stand to hold the needed tech, and then just stream line the charging so that it’s contact point is in the top of the headsets just like it would normally rest on the stand. Add a little racer Logo on the front top of the stand to light up when positive contact is made and BAM, wireless charging headsets, now you wouldn’t need to mess with cables anymore.
    I’ve had other ideas as well but have always been hesitant to broadcast them since I have done this in the past and didn’t even get to help develop further or get the product itself.

    Tentatively I have ideas for your keyboards, mouse pads, control software, a gaming controller, laptops, and other stuff too.
  10. jianzhou

    jianzhou Active Member

    With only one Wireless adapter (type-C or USB) receive signal from:-
    - A wireless mechanical keyboard with audio port (USB / 3.5mm)
    - A wireless gaming mouse.

    It will look so much tidy on desk? haha
  11. pan0phobik

    pan0phobik Member

    Going to reiterate again how much I'd REALLY REALLY love to have another Naga Epic Chroma. Whatever you want to call it. I want another Wireless MMO Razer mouse please! Mine is on its last leg and I really don't want to buy another brand!
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  12. Reaper-IWP

    Reaper-IWP New Member

    I've always thought that Razer has a product line that is a powerhouse for uses beyond gaming, but their loyalty to gamers is admirable. Since I first found Razer, I have had the hope that Razer helps build on its audio production potential, especially since FLStudio was included with devices. This has become even more of a factor with the increasing digital media & gaming influence on each other.

    The hardware quality of Razer, incorporated in a independent audio controller, capable of functioning on it's own, or with a laptop would be amazing. As a streaming tool, and audio production tool, that could be used for djing or just improved control over digital media projects.
  13. dtxnoobrad

    dtxnoobrad New Member

    i am on my fourth orbweaver, and the glue seems to always delaminate from the palm pad and the wrist pad. once it starts to go you get sticky stuff all over your hand, until they will just slide off. come up with a better adhesive :)
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  14. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    I started playing and really enjoying Final Fantasy XIV and I'm really hoping that Razer updates their MMO lineup. I'm also sure there are others hoping to get new MMO gear for the upcoming World of Warcraft: Classic.

    I would really want to see a Wireless Razer Naga Trinity. It's about time and I would really want to replace my current Razer Naga Hex V2.

    It's about time that Razer releases the Razer Orbweaver V2 or create a new mechanical keypad that is compatible with Synapse 3 and hopefully with Purple Switches. The current Orbweaver is too old and I would like to buy a new one.
  15. TinboxSyn

    TinboxSyn New Member

    Haha, the millions of times people ask for Synapse 3 support for the Orbweaver and still it doesn't appear. How about that guys. Not drinks. Not cup holders. Not flagship stores. Just support for what is clearly a ridiculously widely used device. Great for us people with hand disabilities but no - let's let us struggle along with no support. Nice.
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  16. maxxzno1

    maxxzno1 New Member

    Project Linda or at least let me buy the prototype, please?
  17. side-fish

    side-fish New Member

    I would like to see a new Razer Core but for mini-ITX sized GPUs. The current Core is too heavy and too bulky for travel and I'm looking at alternatives like the AORUS Gaming Box with a GTX 1070. It's only a little over 5 lbs, so it's very ideal for gaming while travelling. That said, I'm not in a hurry but I still would really like to see a Razer version of that. Can be with or without a GPU. Can be both.
  18. pmsoares

    pmsoares New Member

    Would love to have a force feedback wheel from Razer!
  19. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    Need small form factor gaming PC compatible with RZR core for SLI.
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  20. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    And a wireless keyboard mouse gamepad combo.
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