What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. TheCreepyCamper

    TheCreepyCamper New Member

    some monitors and maby a game and yes like all others blade for Europe and nabu for Europe
  2. Phonascus

    Phonascus Member

    Please release Project Christine!

    Also, you'd sell a ton of Razer made nVidia cards!
  3. Another thought I had that I have not seen here, and may be a little from left field. We now have Chroma keyboards, headsets, and mice, all configurable from Synapse. How about rgb LED lighting strips for our cases, or wherever else we wanted to put them, that are controllable from Synapse, and would allow us to match all our lighting between peripherals and towers from the same control panel.
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  4. j0rmungund

    j0rmungund New Member

    I'd love to see a monitor or a cellphone. I'd drop Apple for Razer in an instant!
  5. Unclefeb_no_id

    Unclefeb_no_id New Member

    I got one !! urm how about equipments for flight simulators??? Like flight sticks???
  6. Milagroso

    Milagroso Member

    Razer VR Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! or a cellphone. Would be siked to see a Razer branded gaming cellphone
  7. Adeni

    Adeni Member

    I would be thrilled to see a high-end Razer Monitor, Webcam, and maybe a Smartwatch.
    The watch idea is somewhat similar to the Nabu, but since Razer specifically categorizes the nabu as a fitness band, I'd love to see a watch version that is meant to be worn on a daily basis and has more focus on time/date and social networking or music.

    EDIT: Extra idea: a Razer touchpad/drawing tablet for graphic design.
  8. Milioti

    Milioti Member

    Well I would like to see a new ambidextrous mouse that will overtake the ouroboros in terms of both DPI, chroma and also battery life. (hopefully razer is developing something already)

    Other than that, how about a razer switch blade style pad (sold as a usb device) so it will be an attachment not only for normal computer users but also for those with a blade 14 inch? would be interesting.

    Lastly looking forward to the VR technology razer may do research in? hope to see something @ CES2015!
  9. chun0_no_id

    chun0_no_id New Member

    More types of mechanical keyboards! Cherry switch are good but Razer Switch are even better! And the design is far more better! And also , in-ear headphones that are able to provide music n gaming tgt!
  10. deren9268_no_id

    deren9268_no_id New Member

    Razer have all kind of nice and cool product. If can I just hope it will continue to improve the weaknesses of those previous product, so i don't think need anymore new product.
  11. Flemtality-PC

    Flemtality-PC New Member

    Any kind of high end monitor would be nice but a true wrap around display equivalent to triple monitors with zero bezel is the dream.

    Also: Project Christine... and the Switchblade... and the Artemis... and a racing wheel with pedals... and maybe a flight stick.
  12. duall3r

    duall3r New Member

    A gaming montor maybe? (affordable one) *sounds like a joke*
  13. SirPandalot

    SirPandalot New Member

    EUROPE! MORE LOVE FOR EUROPE! Release you new products in Europe too, PUHLEAAAAAAAZE!

    Project Christine also kicks ass, so I would love to see that one taking off.
  14. How about a Razer Racing wheel for pc that could rival the Logitech G27, maybe make it for muliti system capable for xbox/ ps4 as well
  15. LuckyShamrock

    LuckyShamrock New Member

    There are so many things I want to purchase and put on my overall PC setup but I Want it to match my chroma gear. For About the last 2-3 years or so ive been a huge fan of Razer just wasn't a fan of the only green look. I recently purchased the Blackwidow chroma and would love to change my Razer Tartarus and even Change my Razer Ouroboros Chroma edition. Finally the number one item I would love to see in a chroma edition would be the NZXT Razer H440, The solid green (Which cant be turned off) should have a RGB Led option. Bringing the price up of coarse but I would instantly replace my NZXT 530 Phantom for the H440 If it was with RGB leds.
  16. I really want to see the razer switchblade concept because it looks AMAZING and I have looked at it for so long I kept waiting and waiting and I rally want to see this on the market because it will do amazing and please make it as soon as possible because it I have been waiting for so long.
  17. it will be awesome if razer make monitor and miniature for the desk decoration
    i would like to buy it :D
  18. Norci7

    Norci7 New Member

    -More Chroma devices (Taipan, Tiamat and maybe the H440 case)
    -Razer Special Edition Gaming Chair
    -Razer Blade for Europe
    -Mass Effect licensed peripherals when the new game comes out
  19. MattEKelly

    MattEKelly New Member

    1. Deep video streaming/videochat with Comms.
    2. Community channels for webcasting Let's Play or Arent-type gaming broadcasts (and new product launches).
    3. Wired/Wireless foot controls: gaming should not be only for our hands. (Racing games use pedals, why not give option for touchpads for feet?)
    4. Limited Edition Razer gaming chair. Consider offering integration of speakers and/or connections for headsets, charge/sync of Nabu, and Chroma lighting and control would be sweet.
  20. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    A smart phone.
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