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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. milvandyke

    milvandyke New Member

    Accessories for PS4 !
  2. jason0811

    jason0811 New Member

    monitors of course and then expand to tables and chairs.
  3. Altadversity

    Altadversity New Member

    i want a chroma orbweaver!!!!!! please and thank you~~~
  4. TheMusician

    TheMusician New Member

    Wireless Keyboards and sturdy feeling stuff. Like "buy it for life" and you can feel the weight of the product. Stuff that feels like a brick and can give a beating.
  5. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    1. Nabu in all colors and sizes on-line or in stores

    2. Project Christine
  6. WhenItCounts

    WhenItCounts New Member

    Let's get some type of mobile phone device! I would totally switch over from iOS to Android if Razer made a smartphone!
  7. kaisiang

    kaisiang New Member

    Mechanical version of Turret!
  8. alexhooi

    alexhooi New Member

    dare i say a toaster? D:
  9. NGGBlair

    NGGBlair New Member

    I could TOTALLY see a Razer Gaming Chair. That'd be freaking sweet.
  10. Some type of gaming vest for pc
  11. Dylann7

    Dylann7 New Member

    Gaming Chair or Monitor! Everything else is already available from razer
  12. cjmster2639

    cjmster2639 New Member

    I definitely want to see project Christine come to life, but I think a Razer Portable gaming system would be something really neat to look into. I mean Nintendo & Sony have sort of fallen behind with their portable systems, time for you guys to take it to the next level!!!
  13. angweixiong

    angweixiong New Member

    Do come up with a wireless keyboard to complete the wireless mice and headset!
  14. DarkInfernoGaming

    DarkInfernoGaming New Member

    I would love to see a webcam and maybe an actual Razer brand VR instead of OSVR.
  15. Scarletfreshtech810

    Scarletfreshtech810 New Member

    a razer webcam and a new razor keyboard!
  16. Yomartin1997

    Yomartin1997 Member

    Do Razer Atrox compatible on ps4/ps3
  17. Saffronurbanlab524

    Saffronurbanlab524 New Member

    I'd like them to take a swing at making a desk. Stay away from all the flashy graphics and just make a very minimalistic desk. That or a office chair would be divine.
  18. hitEggplanthome369

    hitEggplanthome369 New Member

    There is always where to improve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but the only reqest from me would be - provide EU with your awsome Systems ! Razer Blade is just what i need , i dont want to go for Gigabyte or other .... Lets hope 2015 is not just US but EU aswell !! :)
    Thank you :)
  19. xirexs96

    xirexs96 New Member

    Christine please :D
  20. angweixiong

    angweixiong New Member

    Since Razer is ultra good in terms of design, Razer Gaming/Stimulation Rig! I'm pretty sure if Razer decided to do this, it can pull this off EASILY !
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