What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Theurgie

    Theurgie Member

    I would like for them to move back mouse button 4 & 5 back to the original location where you could use your index figure easily by moving to the left of left click button for Naga series. Don't understand why they changed it to the middle behind the mouse scroll.
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  2. Gaming Monitor would be awesome!
  3. Mr_Gamer_Tag1

    Mr_Gamer_Tag1 New Member

    A monitor would be awesome to see!
  4. Razer Sabertooth for xbox one. Or new generation gaming accessories in general.
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  5. moodockr

    moodockr New Member

    I would def get a monitor
  6. chawanan_no_id

    chawanan_no_id New Member

    tablet, chair, and monitor
  7. Ashenrune

    Ashenrune New Member

    I would like a new tablet, I been so on the fence about purchasing one, your guys tablet was a good idea but all the dang accessorys made it to expensive in the end, something like the new shield tablet but better with a price point around 400.
  8. tenzel

    tenzel New Member

    razer switchblade
  9. Art3miss

    Art3miss New Member

    Project Christine
  10. evanteehee

    evanteehee New Member

    The Concept Project Christine (y)
  11. Feldsparflowever964

    Feldsparflowever964 New Member

    switchblade probably in my oponion
  12. YES!! This is why I love my razer naga molten. I use it as a left and right click also.
  13. Yah That was cool. Electronic lift too please
  14. Jephrey

    Jephrey New Member

    Better sounding headsets. I love the design of Razer headsets but the bass is too much of a mess to be enjoyable.
  15. Pho3nix18

    Pho3nix18 New Member

    When does the Nabu send out?
  16. Monitor and the Wearable Drone for sure
  17. Tweakisher

    Tweakisher New Member

    PS4 peripherals. It's about time man.
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  18. SubParMixtape

    SubParMixtape New Member

    A Chroma Orbweaver would be the best!
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  19. Unexas

    Unexas New Member

    come on man just sell your ps4 for a PC
  20. jdoe77

    jdoe77 New Member

    Maybe a keyboard that is really thin ;)
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