What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Wineinfoquick481

    Wineinfoquick481 New Member

    I think you guys and gals at Razer know how important the content creation market is. Thus the focus on streamers. Another growing market, one thats becoming far more accessible...is the content creation for games themselves.

    Modding, asset stores, custom weapons and textures... concept art, 3d sculpting...the whole shebang. Valve has its own thriving market place, with Dota, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike GO. Gamers make their own content and often sell it. In one year alone, Valve paid out over $10 million dollars to the content creators.

    Its not just Valve thriving from these markets... Epic has one as well, in fact the next Unreal Tournament is being developed by the community. Gamers offering up concept art, designs...ect There is Unity with its market place, Sony with theirs...

    In short the bridge between being a content creator and a gamer is narrowing.

    Now here's the kicker, there is only one serious contender in the market for the peripheral market which is being used for content creation. Wacom (see Intuos & Cintiq). The alternatives are generally chinese based and have very little in the way of breaking through to the US and European market. This is where Razer can come in, really help push the needed innovation on the tablet market but also pull from existing component manufacturers. This will also increase the quality of the alternatives.

    Furthermore, more often than naught, game studios and content creators use Razer products, so having tablets that match the style and philosophy of such peripherals is an added bonus, even more so if they all become tightly integrated.


    Additional products I would love to see is Haptic Feedback peripherals, from headsets to joysticks and controllers. They would tie nicely in with the growing demand for VR and Immersion based gaming.

    A line of products that use metals such as brushed aluminum, one of the perks of going Corsair.

    More Custom PC cases, preferably those with smaller form factor.

    More variety in colors and styles. The colored head sets seem to be the most recognizable razer products for example.

    Finally, how about the best damn USB hub ever made, toss in a glowing razer logo and game set and match.
  2. laughingkid

    laughingkid New Member

    A razer smart-gaming-phone :D
  3. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    How about an updated razer edge?
  4. Yordles

    Yordles New Member

    You know. I would love to see that toaster.
  5. Nickhead420

    Nickhead420 New Member

    How about something like Google Glass? It could sync up to the Nabu and show typical activity band info like heart rate, speed and distance. Could also run with a Razer app on computers to show voice comms info, social media updates, streaming stats and various other things.
  6. I love my edge, but someone suggested an updated switchblade with the new Mullins apu, and I would be so stoked to see that come to light. Either that or a new edge, because the 970m is so crazy efficient I think you guys could make it work.
  7. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Christine, probably Project Christine
    Where is it any way? hahaha
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  8. firstRUBYOldLace020

    firstRUBYOldLace020 New Member

    An updated version of the Razer Chimaera headset that uses a single USB reciever.

    I was going to buy one but realised it required a microphone jack and i would need to buy a crappy 3rd party usb soundcard to get it working with my 14" razer blade.

    Also unsure what type of battery it had but if it had a battery pack that's rechargeable through its dock that would be so sweet

    Essentially, the Chimaera could be a direct competitor to the Logitech G930, but done so much better!
  9. PsychicParasite

    PsychicParasite New Member

    I would love to see a newly designed Edge. I love mine but would like to see an improved model. Maybe slightly lighter with more hard drive space and longer battery life. Or just newer updated peripherals for the current Edge. I need a keyboard dock for mine. Min Liang Tan any chance you could hook me up with one of those ;)
  10. PsychicParasite

    PsychicParasite New Member

    Updated edge for the win! Maybe they could do a trade in where we send in our old model and get a discount on the new one. Or just swap the internal parts out with upgraded ones.
  11. tryhardscout_no_id

    tryhardscout_no_id New Member

    I think a sound card would be nice and a chair and monitor! I think also full systems and even graphics cards!
  12. 061793

    061793 New Member

    It would be great if you guys put extra Ear Cushion in the box especially for the Razer Kraken series. Everytime at Razerstore , the Ear Cushion always out of stock and if I not wrong the quality is not the same as Kraken's Ear Cushion? thanks :D

    Please make a new Headset that combine Razer Tiamat 7.1 sound quality + Razer Kraken 7.1 mic quality! :D
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  13. Razer webcam that's built for streamers like the Seiren Mic, could be called Razer Eye.

    I'd love to see a sleek black Razer smartphone with a glowing Razer logo on the back. With an insane custom Razer OS.

    Bringing the Blade and other US only products to Europe. (Theres definitely a big enough demand for this, to make it worthwhile).
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  14. a chair and a monitor would be cool
  15. Kayy1337

    Kayy1337 Member

    The basic of PC building up is: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, speakers and the whole desktop.

    You didn't make Monitor!
    How about make Razer monitor? with Razer's technology in it.
    It will be really cool to collecter like me! (Actually, I even couldn't buy H440 as I don't have enough money lol)

    And you missed wireless keyboard.
    I think Deathstalker's design is really proper to wireless design but, wireless keyboard needs much simple one.
    Like Apple's keyboard.
    Based on Deathstalker and edit it more simple and nice.

    So, I want Razer's Wireless keyboard and monitor.

    Thanks for reading.

    -Korean Razer Collecter
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  16. EpicShot91

    EpicShot91 New Member

    If you guys make a monitor, make sure that it has G-SYNC and high refresh rate or else it's just not worth it then. Monitors are on the rise with G-SYNC now.
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  17. New Razer products, the potential is limitless. Eyeware, imagine a green tinted set of computer glasses perscription or non. USB Hub, anywhere from a triple hub with one end in-line with each snake head to the insane limitless hub potential. OS, nothing groundbreaking but maybe a customized steam machine os. Steam Machine, that would get my pre-order today. Retro Console Controllers, hit the glory day machines or emulators in true Razer fashion. I've seen Gaming Chair mentioned, pretty awesome idea.
  18. ExconHD

    ExconHD New Member

    Definitely need a HOTAS
  19. azngamer101

    azngamer101 New Member

    updated razer edge would be nice since broadwell is coming/is out.

    Racing wheel

    and a Gsync monitor would be nice
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  20. Penger

    Penger New Member

    How about budget friendly mechanical keyboard for students who are gamers. Kids play games too!! And they're not really 'rich'
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